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Monday, January 9, 2012

PiP (FOW) The British are coming

Five days to the German version of the 40K GT. So why am I painting FOW British infantry? Not sure, but they look good.

The entire army went from blisters to finished over the two weeks.

Basing method
This was the first time I have done the base as part of the model before priming. Normally I do it afterwards using wood filler which dries to an earth color and saves me having to paint the base..

The models were assembled and cleaned as normal then glued to the base.
Wood filler was used to add texture to the base.
To customise the bases Cork Bark* was broken up to form large boulder.
These were added to the bases then modelling sand was added in patches.
The base was then coated with water down PVA glue to seal the materials

Painting method
P.= Plasicote sptray. P3.= privatter press, V= Vallejo, GW= Games workshop paint

Once dried the models were sprayed with P. primer grey
The bases were painted P3. battledress green.
The models were base coated V. English uniform.
The helmets and mortars were painted V. Russian Green.
The rifles and other wooden bits were painted V. German camo brown.
The boots were painted GW chaos black.
The gaiters, belts and backpacks were painted V. German camo beige
The guns and other metals bits were painted V. gun metal.
The  helmets was stippled PP. bloodtracker brown.
The hands and faces were painted V. Flat flesh.
The whole model was given a V. smoke wash.
Then the base were dry brushed V. midstone.

* Battlescapes sells cork bark rubble for 5 euro for a small bag. But bottle of wine with a cork costs 3-4 euro. You can break up the cork and use it for the bases. You get less cork but more wine so it is an okay trade off.

Company command plus snipers


Heavz mortars line up

HMG platoon

1st platoon

1st platoon command

1st platoon 1st squad

2nd platoon command

2nd platoon 1st squad

3rd platoon moves out

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