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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What the hell happened to 2011?...

...It was there last week..

So eleven months since the exodus and things are progressing.  Gaming and the blog took a hit with games played and blog posts down from 2010. On the plus side four new countries, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech republic have all been hit by a Green Waaagh. For 2012 the plan is to add a couple of more scalps.

Plan for 2012
Gaming wise the main goal for 2012 is to get into a regular club. The Hobby halle is the best candidate (fun players with a strong hobby twist). But it is a pain in the ass they meet of Friday nights, I usually have other things on Fridays and Saturdays. Also on the agenda is another Green Waaagh to foreign shores, Poland (ESC), Spain, Beglium and France (some form of GT) are strong contenders.

Terrain making, NWG 2012 is looking good. It is interesting that at a time when some events are discussing low painting standards NWG has 10+ players signed up to assembled and paint new armies just for the event. Some folks have already bought their ticket. I am hoping to create more scenery to début at this event. The initial target is every table to get a new terrain set it may not be achievable but just because it ain't easy does not mean it is not worth the effort. To that end more edible terrain is on the way. At the moment this mostly involves eating after eights and drinking wine (because I need the cork, honest). There are also  some concepts on how to make some Ikea class (flat pack) buildings for the event.

After Eight containers

More fun with Pringles tubes

Painting and modelling.
Painting wise I am now a convert to the wet pallet set-up, championed by Massive Voodoo and Le General. I wish I could say it was because it improved my blending but the real reason is it make paint last longer before drying out so I get more painted with less paint and so save a couple of euros.  I have also started to use two color undercoat. It was intended to be used on 40K vehicles but I kept forgetting and in the end it was used on the FOW infantry. Not much to see on 15mm men but I am going to stick with it for a couple of more attempts.

Two color undercoat? still undecided

2012 is looking good for FOW.  There has been a marked increase in the numbers of players/victims in Dresden and the new edition with FREE ruleset is expected out early this year. Over the Christmas, in between the after eights, I assembled and painted the bulk of a British rifle company. An army almost ready within a couple of days is pretty cool. I can now field about 50% of the British themed forces in FOW with the rifles and a couple of Shermans. For 2012 the Gebirgjaeger, HG grenadiers, Britsih rifles and Soviet pioneering companies need to be completed to make room for the Russian Partisans that are hopefully coming soon.

Perks of FOW, guts of an army ready to roll in a couple days. (Sod's law says it will take the rest of the year to finish)

2012 also see a new edition of 40K (maybe). The lack of information about up coming releases for 40K makes it harder to plan what to get for the game. I am also uncertain if the new edition will be any good. GW are pushing hard on the big kits, fliers, vechicle heavy lists and while I like them for novelty value I am less impressed if they become core to an army. Currently there is Imperial guard that do not include any guardsmen and Necrons that do not include any necrons. Hopefully the next edition will put the focus back on troops and signature units.  For 2012 the Dark eldar, aka the House of Pain needs to be expanded beyond its current 30 painted models into a fully fledge list. The Guard also might get a boost thanks to the new manufactures which are making counts as guard models plus rumours have forge world making a penal legion list that sounds awesome. 

Not sure what is up with Maelstorm? 
It took six months to get this dude posted out.  Obliviously that delayed all things Dark Eldar

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