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Friday, March 23, 2012

Sitrep (40k); A weekend with Wolves Itzacon round 4

What could be more irritating than two Rune Priest running amok?
Why that would three Rune Priest running amok.

Round 4 Vs Space Wolves played by Goose aka Donal
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Primary Objective: Annihilation
Secondary Objective: Seize Ground. Three objective one in the centre and two other six inches from the neutral edge along the centre line of the table.
The Enemy:
3 Rune Priests
2 packs of Wolf Scouts
4 Wolf Guard
4 squads of eight Grey Hunters 3 with Rhinos
3 squads of six Long Fangs

The Battle
The second day saw the Green tide again facing the jaws of the wolf. This time led by Goose (aka Donal). For a twist the razorbacks were gone in favor of a third Rune Priest.  The Orks won the roll off and opted to deploy. Everybody deployed, the Kans and the Koptas up front, a shoota mob on either flank with a third shoota mobs and the choppas mobs in the back with the Big Mek (whose life expectancy was pretty low).  In response the Wolves deployed the Long Fangs on the back line, screened by Grey Hunters. Two rhinos were deployed slightly forward, one transporting a Rune Priest and Grey Hunter pack.  One Grey Hunter pack went in reserve. The Scouts opting to out flank.

Deff Koptas Bag a Rhino

Turn one saw the Deff koptas hit the turbo boost button while the rest of the army surged forward. Against expectations both the Kopta squadrons destroyed a rhino a piece. To top it off one squadron attacked the now rhino-less Grey Hunters. One Kopta was quickly destroyed but the buzzsaw took out a Rune Priest to draw the combat.   The Wolves replied with one Grey Hunter pack  cutting down a Kopta squadron while the last kopta fell in combat.  Long Fangs added to the misery by destroying two Kans.

And then a Rune Priest

The Boyz continued to surge forward.  The Kans started to move through cover to minimize fire while everybody else pushed towards the wolves. A wolf scout pack revealed itself on the flank and pinned a shoota mob in combat after the mob’s boss had been slain by Jaws.  Long Fangs punished the Kans again, destroying two more.  While the other Rune Priest tried to Jaws a nearby nob.  The Shoota mob engaged with Scouts could not get rid of them and was now set-up to receive a charge from a nearby Grey Hunter pack. The rest of the mobs pushed forward. The Long Fangs were running out of Kan targets so switched to frag missiles and started pelting the choppa boyz.  

Kans and Long Fangs do not mix well 

Another Nob and rocket boy was claimed by Jaws.  While the Grey Hunters and Scouts ripped apart the Shoota mob leaving two scouts alive to deny a kill point.  The Boyz started to get into position to do damage. One mob Waaagh'd to close the distance and get in an assault on some Grey Hunters. Another mob dispatched a Rhino attempting to block their progress. Some Kans were able to assault to support the engaged mob.   The Grey Hunters warred with the Boyz, The Wolf standard saved most of the wounds but was no protection against the Kans, who ripped apart another Rune Priest.  The Wolves began to engage the two choppa mobs that were in their lines. They stayed clear of the kans but assaulted into the boyz instead. The last Scout pack arrived and moved to contest one the two objectives the Orks controlled. The third objective was firmly in Wolves hands screened by Grey Hunters and the mauled Wolf Scout pack.  The Rune Priest attempted to Jaws the Big Mek but suffered Perils.

Wolf Scout pounce

In the centre the choppa boyz and kans traded blows with the Grey hunters. Things got grim for the Wolves and the Long Fangs were forced into the melee to tip the balance.  The Boyz and Kans were eventually destroyed but not before destroying the same number of wolf units. The Wolf Scout had bitten of more than they could chew as large shoota mob buried them in enough bodies to destroy the pack.

The Big Mek is still standing but I can not say the same about the Kans

The game ended with the Boyz and wolves tied on kill points. While the Boyu captured two of the three objectives to claim the secondary mission.   Surprisingly the Big Mek was still standing while two Rune Priest were down and the Third was wounded.

The Result: Win 13-7

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