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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sitrep (40K): Prague and back again, round 2

Round 2 Vs Tyranids played by Alfred
Deployment: Spearhead
Primary Objective: Capture and Control
Secondary Objective: Annihilation

The Enemy:
Warrior Prime
Swarm Lord
1 Body Brood
1 Genestealers Brood
1 Gaunt Brood
2 Hive guard brood
1 Zoanthrope brood
3 Homagaunts broods
1 Warrior Brood

The Battle:
Round two put the Boyz on table two playing against the bugs lead by Alfred. The presence of the swarms of Homogaunts backed with the Warrior Prime and the Swarm Lord was a concern but not a major one. The Boyz won the roll off and forced the bugs to go first. The Bugs objective went behind a building while the Orks objective was deployed in the middle in plain sight. The Bugs opted to the reserve bulk of the swarm planning on using the Swarm lord's reserve bonus. The Orks opted to reserve the sneaky stuff (Mhaz, the koptas and the Sneaky Gits) while the wagon mobs opted to deploy.

The Hive mind fails to detect something is amiss with its deployment

The swarm could not really hurt the wagons which stayed out of range but moved to attack on one flank. Turn two saw the arrival of the bulk swarm bar some gaunts and the genestealers. The Hive guard went for the flanks while the of the swarm hovered on their objective. In response, Mhaz and the Sneaky Gits arrived in the rear. A Deff Kopta squadron turbo boosted to get into a better position. All the wagons bar Nardreg's mob in Spleen Rippa. Mhaz assaulted a Hive Guard brood to prevent it shooting. The sneaky Gits assaulted the Zaontrope brood to pin it as well. The wagons rolled forward on flank the Kommandos distracted the anti tank broods.

Genestealers try to spoil the wagon wall

Genestealers arrived and made straight for the wagons hoping to spoil the Ork advance. However they could not scratch any of the wagons. In response the Maulers debussed and a skorchas cooked the entire brood. More Homogaunts arrived and made straight for Mhaz. The bugs swarmed Mhaz. The Sneaky Gits finished off the Zaontropes before being destroyed. Mhaz destroyed the Hive guard and was left surrounded by gaunts. The rest of the bugs were forked between defending their objective from the imminent assault on their objective or making a dash for the undefended Ork objective. They tried to do a bit of both and did not really do either.

One against many

The last Wagon mob arrived and parked on the Ork objective. The rest began to move into contest range of the Swarm's objective. Mhaz mangled the Homogaunts forcing the Swarm lord to move to support while the rest of the swarm opted to fall back to protect their objective.

Another attempted rescue 

Tuska's mob assaulted into combat to rescue Mhaz they also dragged the Swarm Lord into the fray hoping to destroy him with fearless wounds. The homogaunts and the lord's bodyguard were destroyed but the Lord held on. Another Homogaunts swarm assaulted to rescue the lord wiping out Tuska's mob but leaving Mhaz surrounded and in contact with the bug Lord. The battle wagons rolled over the Bug objective crushing some Tyranids who were not nimble enough to escape. Ghaz traded blows with the Lord and finally destroyed him. Another choppa mob assaulted in to clear out the Homoguants that surrounded the Warboss. The remaining bugs swarmed a battle wagon and destroyed it but there was another one on their objective.

In the end it jusy takes one Ork

The Game ended with the Boyz controlling both objectives in the primary mission and winning the secondary mission and tied on VPs

The Result: 16-4

Orks contest the Bugs objective

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