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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sitrep(40K); A weekend with the Wolves aka Itzacon

A trip to Galway and a weekend of gaming sounds good, count me in.

Before heading down to Galway I got a game of FOW in, testing the battle Carroceto mission.  The hi-light being my British rolling sixes to spot for five turns in a row much to Franco's frustration. I think I may have used up all my luck though since the weekend of the wolf was about to start.

Round 1 Vs Blood angels played by David Coleman aka the child
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Primary Objective: Seize Ground. 5 objectives, one in the centre and one in the centre of each quarter.
Secondary Objective: Annihilation
The Enemy:
2 Sanguinary Priests
1 ten man terminator squad
2 ten man assault squads
1 Baal Predator
3 devastator squads

Ork deployment

The Battle:
David's army was assault nasty. Terminators with feel not pain backed up with assault marines with feel no pain and Devastators which inflict pain. The Orks won the roll off and opted for the side with the most terrain to deny it to the Devastators. Shoota boyz went on the flanks, Kans up front with Choppa Boyz behind. The Big Mek joined small Shoota mob covering the Kans. Koptas deployed up front. In response the Blood Angels deployed the Devastators on the back line screened by the assault units. The Baal went on the left flank. Scout moves saw the Koptas go after the Devastators while the Baal went after a Shoota mob.

Marine deployment

The Orks moved forward. The Deff Skullz shoota mob went after the Baal with no effect. The Koptas got a couple of shots in on the Devastators with little effect. then they assualted for go measure. A couple of devastators dropped but both of the units stayed in play. In response the Baal tank shocked the Deff Skullz to get into the Ork back line.  Mephiston and an Assault squad peeled back to deal with the Deff Koptas. There was limited shooting due the Devastators being busy avoiding Chain saws. But  the Blood Angels still managed to destroy some Kans in cover. The Deff Koptas did not last a minute in combat with Memphision and the Assault marines.

March of the Angels of Death

The Deff Skullz continued to chased after the Baal, assaulting it and stunning it. The rest of the army started to encircle the Terminators.  Mephiston and the assault marines re-joined their line. The Terminators plodded forward, the Baal moved off and the Deff Skullz were hit by the now free Devastators. While the Terminators cyclone missile launcher bagged another two kans. Mephiston assualted the undamaged Kan mob and destroyed two kans and ripped the arm off the last kan.

Boyz chase down a Baal (there was Blood Angels on the next table as well)

Three mobs moved to isolate Memphision since he was now just out of support range of the Terminators and Assault squads. Shooting was ineffective but three klaws later Mephiston was down. The Red Shoota mob (Evil Sunz) moved towards an objective in the marines table half while the other two mobs moved to secure an objective in the Ork table half. The Deff Skullz chased down and finally destroyed the Baal. The Terminators moved to secure the centre objective. One assault squad moved to secure the second objective in the Blood Angel table half . The other assault squad moved after the Evil Sunz mob. The assault was ineffective some orks died, some marines fell but both side held. The Orks opted to Waaagh this turn. The Bad Moonz raced to the rescue of the Evil Sunz and between them the assault squad and its priest was destroyed. The Deff Skullz secured a third objective in the Ork half under heavy devastator fire. The mob was down to ten models. The Wild Boyz mooned the Terminators and shot insults in their generally direction hoping to distract them. The Big Mek tried to fix one his damaged Kans.

Orks start to encircle (definatly not avoid) the Terminators

The terminators moved after the Wild Boyz destroying a Kan in the process. The remaining assault squad left its objective to go Ork hunting. The Devastator pummelled the Deff Skullz mob who went to ground but still took casualties.  The Evil mob got into shoota range of the devastators and shot one, forcing his team mate to flee. The terminators secured the centre objective but could not engage any of the Orks. The Devastator reduced the Deff Skullz to a single nob who stayed in play..
On that the game ended. The Orks completed the primary and secondary missions. With the Blood Angels out of the way the weekend of the wolf started.

Last boy Standing from the Deff Skullz (what a soft kill point)

The Result: Win 16-4

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I played way too defensively with the Terminators throughout the game.

Forgetting I was going second did not do me any favours in securing objectives either :S

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