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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sitrep (40K): Prague and back again, round 3

Round 3 Vs Renegade Guard played by Jan
Deployment: Dawn of War
Primary Objective: Annihilation
Secondary Objective: Seize Ground
The Enemy:
2 Company Command squads, both with Chimera
1 huge platoon, full strength, all the heavy weapons squads (and possibly a kitchen sink)
1 Leman Russ Battle Tank
1 Valkyrie
2 veteran squads, one with Chimera
1 Rough rider squad
1 Sentinel squadron

Renegade heavy weapons teams

The Battle:
Round three put the boyz on table one facing one of the nicest converted guard armies I had seen in a while. Renegade guards using bits from half a dozen plastic kits across a few manufactures. Pretty but not very threatening.

Renegade Sentinel

The guard won the roll off and opted to deploy first. Picking the table edge with three of the four objectives for the primary mission. The boyz opted to all reserve with the sneaky stuff doing what it does best. Turn one saw the guards perform a general advance. Which was repeated in turn two with heavy weapons squads trying to get into position on the flanks for side shots on the Wagons when they showed up.

Kommandos running amok

Deff koptas doing the same on the other side of the battlefeild

Three of the wagons arrived a split second before the koptas showed up. The koptas took out the weapons squad on the flanking threatening the wagons. Mhaz and the Sneaky Gits showed up on the opposite flank. Between them, they destroyed two Chimeras and all the Rough Riders. For salt in the wound the Company commander's squad was pinned. Under pressure from both side the guards tried to consolidate on one flank, abandoning the objectives to the approaching wagons.
The huge guard platoon assaulted Mhaz and the Sneaky Gits, destroying the Gits and putting a wound on the boss.

Wild boyz stampede the Guards forward element

The rest of the guard tried to put holes in the approaching wagons and succeeded in stunning ta battle wagon. The Valkyrie with vets and the second company commander chimera moved a bit to close to the Ork edge in a bid to get shots on the wagons and this left them exposed if the last wagon showed up. Which it duly did. The Valkyrie failed to dodge and was destroyed and the veterans pinned. The Boyz jumped out and beat the crap out of the chimera. Immobilising it and destroying its weapons. The guard continued hitting away at Mhaz hidden power weapons claiming a few more wounds. The rest of Guard continued to fall back from the wagon wall.

The Guard persistence paid off and Mhaz was killed by the guardsmen. However, it was a too little too late as the wagon wall rolled over all bar one of the objectives. The boyz disembarked long enough to destroy the sentinels that were lurking in a building hoping for the wagons to pass.  The game ended with the Orks completing most of the primary mission and all of the secondary mission.

Battle wagons start chasing after Chimera

The Result: 16-4

The three wins put the boyz in the lead, eight points clear of their rivals.One of the cool aspects of the Prague event is that the venue is a school hall and most of the players travel and stay there over night. Also nearby is a pretty decent steak restaurant. After steaks, it was back to the hall for some grudge matches. First up was Vaclav toting his Crowe purifier list. Orks do not like Purifiers at all but they were able to fight them to a draw. With Mhaz getting sucked into the warp after accepting a challenge from Crowe. Second in the fray was Vit's (Czech Etc team) guard with tactical advise (ie endless slagging) from the rest of the Czech ETC team. Third up was going to be Thomas(Czech ETC captain) but the boyz started to fade before we could start and we called it a day (getting old I guess). As day one ended I left blissfully unaware of two things. One, the clocks went forward that night (balls!!) and two, Wolves were on the prowl.  

Wolves on the prowl

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