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Monday, March 26, 2012

Sitrep (40K): Prague and back again, round 1

Fed-up walking around and eating wolf meat the boyz decided to mount up and head east. Specificity to watch Prague burn (metaphorically speaking). The ogre club runs two 40K events each year. Since Prague is only two hours away it is always on the radar. As a bonus this was the first year that they ran a FOW event (2 day mid war).

De Big Green One
Mhazghul 'eadsplitter (looks like Ghazagul traka)
Fix-it-again Grimna (big mek)
Mhazghul's Maulers (aka mega nobz) in Bonebreaker (battle wagon)
Tuska'sMob (choppa boyz)
Ghriguts' Mob (choppa boyz)
Nardreg's mob (choppa boyz)
Morrik's (looks like Snikrot) Sneaky Gits
Left eye (deff kopta skuadron)
Right eye (deff kopta skuadron)
Skullhamma (battle wagon)
Pain Train (battle wagon)
Spleen Rippa (battle wagon)

Round 1 Vs Dark Eldar played by Mila
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Primary Objective: Seize Ground
Secondary Objective: Annihilation
The Enemy:
2 Succubus
3 Razorwings
2 Hell Brides squads in Venoms
4 Warriors squads three in Raiders, one in a Venom.

The Battle:
Really?? the first time in over a year since the boyz used battle wagons and their first opponents turns out to be festooned in dark lances and are highly mobile, not a great start. The Dark Eldar won the roll off for sides and picked the side with three of the four objectives nearby. The Orks did the decent thing and went into reserve. Mhaz, the Sneaky Gits and the eyes opted to out flank.

Dark Eldar right flank

Razor Wings ready to pounce

Ork deployment (wtf are they?)

Turn one and two for the Dark Eldar turned out to be a non event with no targets present they opted to flight about for cover saves or moved to claim objectives.

The Maulers, Grimna and  Ghriguts' mob arrived, no one else showed up. The wagons rolled towards the nearest objectives. Shootas succeeded in downing a Warrior's Venom.

Big shootas down a Venom 

The Dark Eldar wasted no time now they had a target, dark lances blazed away but when the shooting was finished only Bone Breaker took damage and that was minimal. On que the rest of the Waaagh arrived. Mhaz and the Sneaky Gits made straight for a raider park that had opted not to move to allow the warriors to fire their dark lance. Left Eye showed up on the tail of a Razorwing. Skullhamma rolled forward and dropped off  Ghriguts' mob. Pain Train rolled on and dropped off Tuska's mob. The Boyz Waaagh'd Mhaz nailed a raider, Morrik nailed a second and the Sneaky Gits got a third. Left Eye got a hit of a Razorwing, shaking it.  Ghriguts' mob over ran the venomless warriors and riped off a gun from another Venom.  Tuska's assaulted a Razorwing,stunning and immobilizing it. For extra pain, two of the warrior squads were pinned in the carnage.

Boyz get the drop on a Razorwing

Orks start to overwhelm the Dark Eldar

With all their scoring units under pressure and most of the fire support off line the Dark Eldar were in trouble. The Hellbrides debussed and went after the boyz in the open. The only active razorwing swung round to engage the Deff Koptas from the Left Eye. Between the Venoms, Hellbrides and Succubus,  Ghriguts' mob did not last long.  Tuska's mob held out, with Tuska opting to finish of the immobilised razorwing rather than engaging with the Brides. The only bonus was that the Deff kopta surivied the attentions of the Razorwing some how.

Orks in front and rear

Right Eye and  Nardreg's mob arrived. The boyz raced to the rescue of  Tuska's mob, while Right Eye went hunting Venoms.  Mhaz and the kommandos rampaged through the struggling Warriors destroying two more squads and forcing another to abandon an objective. Left Eye ignored the raider that was shooting at it and went after it shaken companion. Between the rokkits and the Buzzsaw the Razorwing was destroyed.  Nardreg's mob overran a Succubus and the Brides saving Tuska's mob (now just Tuska with one mate)
The Dark Eldar struggled with the increasingly desperate situation. Venoms, Hell Brides and the last Succubus wiped out Nardreg's and Tuska's mob, while the last Razorwing failed to damage the Spleen Rippa.

Deff Kopta prowling for survivors 

The Orks struck back The Pain Train and Spleen Rippa lined up multple tank shocks destroying a Venom, the last of the Brides and the Succubus. Mhaz destroyed the last scoring unit. Down to a few token units the Dark Eldar fled the battlefield.

Battlewagon Vs Venom

The Result: 20 - 0

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