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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mission Critical (FOW):Battle at Jort France 15th August 1944

In a bid to trap the German 7th and 5th panzer armies in Normandy, the Polish 1st armoured division has been ordered south to link up with the American 90th infantry division to complete the encirclement. At 14.00 hrs the recon element of the division, the 10th mounted rifles, are approaching the village of Jort. Their objective is to secure a crossing over the river Dives. Opposing the crossing is Kampfgruppe Wunsche consisting on elements of the 12th SS panzer division and 85th infantry division.

Design notes:
The battle is adapt to Flames of War from Skirmish Elite’s Falaise Firestorm campaign book.  Worth purchasing to get the reference sections used for the battle.

The Bridge over the river Dives is damaged and can only be crossed by infantry or man packed guns. The river Dives is impassable to vehicles at any point except at the fords. It is slow going to infantry. The trees on the river bank offer concealment to any team being fired on from the opposite river bank. The village of Jort consists of damaged and undamaged building between one and two floors tall. The forest are impassable to tanks and slow going to infantry. The Brocage is as per Flames of War rule book. There are six possible fording points (see special rules). The fords count as slow going for the tanks. Tanks must cross one at a time. If a tank is knocked out on the ford another tank can attempt to move around it but must take a skill test to avoid being bogged down. If two tanks are blocking the ford it becomes impassable to all vehicles.


The Defending player sets up first, any where east of the river Dives. The Attacking player goes first and moves on his force at the start of turn one. The defending teams can start in prepared positions.

Special rules:
1) The fords
There are six possible fording points. One is picked by the defender in secret. The second is determined randomly in secret. The attacker can check a fording points by getting a team within 2” of the ford and  passing a skill test. 
2) In support
Each force has a random element to allow the mission be played a couple of times. Ideally players switch armies and try again.  The random element is rolled for at the start of the game.
3) Snatch Team
If the attacker rolls a snatch team then a patrol has captured a prisoner and the defending player must reveal his secret fording point.
4) The Village of Jort
If an attacking infantry team enters a building in Jort then the Defender must reveal his secret fording point

Victory Conditions:
The attacking force wins if it secures a single ford across the Dives. They get a total victory if they secure both fords. Any other result is a defender win. The game lasts until one company is broken or if there is no attacking teams east of the Dives after turn six. To secure a ford do this they must have a team within 2" and on the east bank of the river of the ford and no defending teams within 16” of the ford.

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