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Thursday, January 10, 2013

mission critical (FOW): Jabonica, Eastern front 13th August 1944

Repeated attempts by the German army to destroy the Sandomierz bridgehead have failed . Two days ago Tiger II tanks were employed for the first time in the war and they could not pierce the bridgehead. A final attempt has been ordered for today. Kampgruppe Collin from the 16th panzer division has order to link up with 64th panzergrenadier regiment and push onto Ogledow. Unfortunately during the night the Russian 6th Guard Tank Corps broke through the German lines and captured Mokre and Ponik and is threatening to capture Jabonica.

Design notes:
The battle is adapt to Flames of War from Bob Mackenzies scenario page.

The Forest in impassable to vehicles. The terrain is open. The hayfields are concealing terrain to infantry and offer concealment to vehicles.


The German 64th Panzer Grenadiers regiment deploys first and must deploy all teams within 6” of Jabonica  ny of its teams may be in prepared positions.
The Russian 52nd and 53rd Tank brigades deploy second. The 52nd brigades must be deployed south of Mokre and all teams must be within 12” of the village. The 53rd tank Brigade must be  deployed south of Ponik and all teams must be within 12” of the village. The 385th heavy SU regiment is deployed in ambush anywhere south of the west road into Jabonica or east of the village.
Kampfgruppe Collin then deploys it must be within 12” of the western table edge and with 6” of the western road into Jabonica.
The remaining Russian units are in reserve and enter in a random order. Roll to see what unit arrives) and arrive on a random road ( ie roll a D6 to see which road they arrive on

Special rules:

Victory Conditions:
The Germans win if they hold Jabonica and either road point 5 or 6. They get a major win if they hold  Jabonica and either road point 5 or 6 and either road points 3,4. The Russian get a win if the Germans can not complete their objectives and other result is a draw. The game ends when one of the four companies break or if after turn 6 one has a unit within 6” of a road points 5 or 6 and there is no enemy units within 24” of the road point.

Battle report: The mission was tried out over the Christmas break and was well received. Initially it looked like a Russian walk over has waves on men and material threatening to swamp the Germans but the big cats chewed through the Russian amour while the Russian focused on clearing the German infantry out of Jabonica, in the end we called it a draw. The Russian had a toe hold in the village but had lostall its armour while the German big tanks prowled arount the battle feild having lost all their infantry support. The german point of view can be found here

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