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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dig in (FOW): 4ground terrain

Winter themed terrain

With temperature in the minus numbers and a couple of centimetres of snow to be walked through on the way to the shops it is time to think about winter themed games and armies. The one of the, several, new armies in painting is the Volksgrenadiers Kompanie from Nuts. But that is a different post this a post about theming a winter table for FOW.  Over the Christmas, I picked up three of 4grounds pre painted 15mm buildings at Gamers world. Partly based on feedback from Martin and partly based on  Big Gav's post on the WWPD forum.

Must resist urge to put in blister packaging in for window

I am very happy with the purchase, I was going to do a assemble guide but there is not much point since each kit comes with its own printed and photographed instructions. Also included is a bunch posters and signs you can cut out and use to personalise your building. If the posters in the kit are not enough you can head over to the rapid fire website to print of some more.

 The positives
It is kit fun that is a pleasure to put together.
The pre painting standard is very good.
It looks great when it is finished.

The negative
For some annoying reason the rooms in the building are an awkward shape for the FOW bases. They fit one infantry base but with a bit of fore thought it easily could have been altered to fit two infantry base comfortably.
Some of the joints are exposed showing the MDF. It is not that bad but I could see it annoying people.

The verdict
Sold. A couple more kits are planned from the future once the assemble/painting queue is reduced a bit.


Frank O'Donnell said...

nice looking kits mate & enjoy the snow talking of which are you going to try put any snow on the roof's ?

Dakeryus said...

That is the plan. I am trying to work my through couple platoons of infantry first. It is taking some time.

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