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Monday, May 28, 2012

PiP (40K): For crimes aganist the Emperor part II

The penal squad is just about done, just the bases left. It is a shame you can not customise the unit more. For some reason I wanted to do twelve dudes with various different weapons. Forgeworld were talking about bring out a Penal world themed book. This guys will be in like Flynn if they do.

The models were primes grey then given a V black wash as a pre shade.
The overalls were painted a mix of V, french blue V,off white and thinner. Then a thinned V black wash
The flesh was painted a mix of V,off white and V. Flesh. Then a thinned mix of GW blue and red ink wash
The Gun stocks and mines were painted V. Russain Green. Then a thinned V black wash.
The Collars and chaines were painted V. natural metal. Then a thinned V black wash 
The Boots and belts were painted a thinned mix of V grey black and V black. Then a thinned V black wash.

V. Vallejo, 
GW, Games Workshop

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