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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dig in (FOW and 40K) Breaking into the Brocage business,

Kampfgruppe Vom Bohme, being a mountain rifle infantry company is less than impressed with the open terrain that makes up all of the FOW games in this part of the World. Rather than push for an all mountain table which would be more appropriate. It seems time to get into the Brocage(big friggin' hedges) business.

Materials and method
  • Paint scour (german DIY shops sell this dirt cheap, In blocks 3cm wide, 250cm long and 120 cm high. Baumarkt is still trying to figure out where all their Green paint scour goes)
  • MDF stripes (3cm width, curved at the edges)
  • Extremely hot glue gun (careful because its burns like hell)
  • Modelling sand (luckily enough there is a sand quarry 20 minutes from the modelling lair)
  • PVA glue

Paint scour as purchased

1) Cut the scour into strips approximately 3cm high.250 cm long.

2) Cut the MDF strips to match the length of the scour

2a) Optional: Darken the cut MDF strips with a black or dark brown paint. My MDF strips were white and the scour can be a bit transparent so to hide the white strips I darkened them before attaching the scour.

3) Snake hot glue across the top of the MDF cut strips and stick the Scour in place (avoid burning fingers in the process).

4)Pour the modelling sand onto old newspaper and form two parrallel rows.

5) Paint PVA glue on to the sides (not the ends) of the MDF stripes with paint scour and cover them in modelling sand, making sure not to coat the exposed ends.
6) Allow to dry
7) Once dry re-painted with watered down PVA glue to seal in the modelling sand,
8) Once dry, paint and flock the strips to match the games table.

Optional extras:
I went for quantity over quality for the first wave of Brocage and opted for scale neutral hedges. Some other features that might be added at a later stage include
  1. Roughen the hedges by cutting out small chunks of scour to make them look more natural and less neat.
  2. Adding leave scatter or foliage to the tops of the hedge to give them a more natural look.
  3. Adding in some scale features like gates or vehicles wrecks.

Puma on Patrol.

I think I got 700 cm out of 40 euros worth of material. I have enough for a FOW recommend Brocage table 4'x4' but I will probable do more for a 6'x4' table.

Normandy WiP battlefeild

I opted to go scale neutral so the Brocage can be hedges in 40K

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