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Monday, May 21, 2012

Mission Critical (40K):Attack the Block

The war on Spandex XV wages on. Climatic conditions have force both parties to seek shelter in the now abandon city blocks. But both sides have claim on the same blocks

The table is divided into 2'x2' sections. Each player alternates placing one building, which counts as the building block, in each center. Once the buildings are placed roll a scatter dice and 2 D6 and move each building accordingly. Each player then alternates placing more terrain . Terrain can not be set-up within 3" of another terrain peice. Once players can no longer set-up more terrain the battle feild is ready.

Standard force selection applies. Or if feeling adventurous try using a random force generator.

Deployment and going frist;
Roll a D6 to see who picks whiuch table side. Armies deploy along the long table edge and must be within 12" on the table edge.

Special Rules:
Each block can only be entered by infantry. Skimmers can move over the blocks. But they, and any infantry inside of them, do not counts as being in the block. If an infantry unit starts its turn inside a block it can opted to search the block for salvage. Roll a D6 an consult the table below.

Salvage Table
1. Booby traps.
  Every model in the unit must take a dangerous terrain test.
2. Nothing
   The area has already been stripped clean.
3. Ammo dump
     The unit's weapons count as twin linked so long as the unit stays in the block.
3. Medical facilty
     The unit gains the “Feel No Pain” so long as the unit stays in the block.
4. Power generator
     The unit's weapons can re-roll to wound rolls so long as the unit stays in the block.
5. Sacred Ground
     The unit's weapons counts as stubborn so long as the unit stays in the block.
6. Jackpot
    The Player can pick what booty is in the building.

Victory Conditions. 
If a scoring unit ends a player turn with more than half its models in a block it automatically captures the block. Place a marker on the block to show its alignment.  An infantry unit can remove an opponents  marker if it ends a player turn with more than half its models in a block and there are no enemy models within 3" of the block. Only scoring units can add markers.  Which ever sides has the most markers in play at the end of the game is the winner.

No city fight photo yet but below are some from the Saxony ball in Leipzig. Where the Panzer Waaagh took 2nd..

Round 1 Vs Space Marines in objective grab. The Terminators on the top left are going after the boss's wagon.

Round Two Vs Wraith Wall in Kill points with a twist. Expendable guardians acting as bait for Wraithlords.
No Outflank or Snikrot allowed :(

Round 3 Vs Venom Spam in Kill points. I thought DE were extinct but the dark lances come out when the Panzer Waaagh shows up. :(

Battle for 1st place Necrons Vs Blood Angels

 A nice twist on the Space wolves color scheme.

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