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Monday, May 7, 2012

Pip (FOW): "Quack Quack" goes the duck with 75mm long barrel cannon

The Duck in this case is a Guderian's duck better know as a Panzer IV/L. They were called Guderian's ducks after being built despite Guderian's protest they were a waste of resources. The plan was to try something new painting wise namely preshading (applying a wash to the undercoat) and top shading (applying a very fine coat a light color post pre-shading).

V= Vallejo, GW = games workshop
1) the models were cleaned and assemblyed as normal then they were primer grey.

2) The models were then given a wash of V black mixxed 50% with water and a few drops of V thinner medium.

3) once dried the models were give a light spray of white one the top of the model.

4) Once dry the models were painted a thinned down V middlestone. (note the one on the left got too heavy a coat hiding the pre shading)

5)  The Tracks were painted V. Terra, Alternating patches of  thinned V. Camo Beige and Reflective Green. The patches in the zimmerit was painted V. Hull Red 

6) once dried the tank was dried brushed V middlestone. ( in Hindsight it would have been a good idea to added rge decals before this step

7) The road wheels were painted a mix of V Black and V Dark Grey. The tracks were wet washed V black then when dry dry-brushed V gun metal.

8) The wood was paintd GW leather. The baggage peices were painted with GW Grey and V grey and some V Green Ohcre.

9) Decals were added first applying decal softener to the area for ther decal, then the decal, then more softherner.  Decals on Zimmerit can be a pain in the ass.

10) The Decals were then dry brushed with V middlestone.

11) The whole tank was washed with a 50:50 mix of V Black wash and V brown wash (models on the left have the wash applied).

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