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Monday, May 14, 2012

WIP (40K): For crimes aganist the Emperor part I

Victoria's Penal legionnaires have been attached to Taskforce Steiner for mine clearance duties.  Gamewise, I am not a big fan of Penal legionnaires. They are one of the many "could have been good" units in the IG codex.  That said Victoria's models are awesome and crap rules should not keep cool models off the table (but they usually seem to).

Penal trooper Lector

Penal Trooper Riddick

Penal Trooper Picard

Penal Troopers

Penal trooper Sevalas and Overseer Coburn

Penal Troopers Johnston, Farrell and Chambers


ItsPug said...

Do I see explosive collars? very RT era style. I like that.

Dakeryus said...

Explosive collars do not make it past the PC police these days.

General Grouchy, from W-ired, has identified three of the models as penal troopers Johnston,Chambers and Farrell :)

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