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Thursday, May 24, 2012

PiP (FOW): Kampfgruppe Conrad

Kampfgruppe Conrad (Herman Goering panzergrenadiers) has taken one of the longest length of time for me to assemble a  FOW army. Started in 2010 and it is still not finished since they need more trucks.  Model wise I think they are one of the best ranges battlefront have made to date.

The Kerr and King urban themed bases is the first time I have tried themed base and they take way more time than normal to prepare. But the results are good.

Heavy weapons platoon takes up positions in Russia

HMG teams with spent shell casing made from brass rod

Pioneer Platoon with attach flamer throwers

1st platoon with attached Panzershreik

2nd and 3rd platoons

3rd platoon command team with unit marker (Man, how did I ever play mid-war russian infantry without unit markers)

Flak panzer platoon provides cover

After the Decals were added the area was dry brushed with the base color and then given a vallejo smoke wash to blend in the decals.

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