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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mission critical (FOW): D day +10 hrs

Design Notes: Adapted from Richard Clarke's article in Battlegames magazine issues 27.

Looking for an excuse to use some recently made brocage. Richards Clarke's "The race for St leger" IABSM scenario was adapted for FOW. For background, the allies have landed and are currently pushing to complete all their day one objectives. The British, in the form of the Green Howards infantry regiment with support form the Royal Dragoon guards, have moved off the beaches and are moving in land.  Opposing them is the tattered remains of Abteilung 352 which has been recently reinforced with Armour from 325 Panzerjaeger Abteilung.

Advance of the Green Howards and Royal Dragoons

Brocage rules see FOW main rulebook.
Forest are impassable to tanks difficult for infantry.
Roads and buildings as normal.

Stug waits in ambush

The Protagonist
Green Howards Regiment
( British, attackers)

1 Company command section CiC (panzerfaust) and 2iC
1st Platoon full strength
2nd Platoon full strength minus PIAT
3rd Platoon full strength minus PIAT

Support platoons
1st and 2nd troops Royal Dragoon Guards. Each with two Sherman M4 and one Sherman firefly (with the first day special rule).
352 Fusilier Abteilung
(German, Defenders)

1 Company command section CiC (panzerfaust) and 2iC (Panzerknacker, with brittle special rule)
1st Platoon with panzerknacker command team and three sections (with brittle special rule)
2nd Platoon with panzerfaust command team and two sections (with brittle special rule).
4th Platoon (HMG platoon) with one section (with brittle special rule).

Support platoons
1st platoon 325 Panzerjaeger Abteilung with three stug (with too few special rule)

The battle feild

Deployment and who goes first:
The German defenders set-up first and can deploy any where in the Southern half of the battle. The British deploy second and can be set-up within 12” of the Northern table edge.

Rifle platoon moves towards some Brocage....

....Into a waiting HMG platoon
Game length:
The game lasts 12 turns or until one of the companies break.

Stug claims a victim,

Special rules

Too Few:
German Armour was few and far between for Day one of D-day. As a result it was never available in the numbers required. The Stugs can operate as independent warrior teams and have the Ambush special rule.
The German infantry is all that is left of 352 Fusilier battalion as a result all infantry platoons are reluctant instead of confident. The company still counts as confident.
First Day:
British armour is rated confident rather than reluctant for the first day of D day. The brocage torment is still ahead of them.

Royal Dragoons return fire

Victory Conditions:
The British must get a tank or infantry platoon of the Southern table edge to win the game or break the German defending company. An other result is a German victory.  

Green Howard's push past resistance

design notes: Historically, the Germans succeeded in blocking the British advance but much of their force was destroyed in the process.   

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