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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sitrep (40K): Return to Retcon round 5

Round 5 Vs Floody (again)
Deployment: Pitched battle
Primary Objective: Kill points
Secondary Objective: Seize ground. One objective in the table centre and one objective 18” from either side.

Wagons ready to roll

The Battle:
Victory over the Guard put the boyz back on table one. For the third time in four events the orks were on table one for the last round. The Grey Knights were still there but they had taken a knock from another Ork Waaagh, so both sides needed a result.

The Orks got to go first and opted for the tactical genius that is a straight charge down the middle. Ghaz opt to stay with the wagons. The Knights responded by castling in one quadrant with some rifle men forming a refused flanks, looking for some side shots on the wagons.

Thunderwolf Vs Terminators

Turn one saw the flight of the Deff Koptas which scout turbo boosted into position. A hail of rockets and Buzz saw attacks followed resulting in one destroyed razorback and one immobilised. The wagons began the long drive to the Grey Knights deployment zone. The Knights countered with shooting down the Koptas, with one sole survivor opting for a tactical withdraw. Fire on the wagons destroyed one. A Ven dread was deployed from a Raven and assaulted a wagon but score any hits.

The wagons rolled forward. One tried to deff rolla a Ven Dread but had no effect. Then it dropped its boarding plank and the nob attacked, with even less effect. Ghaz, the Nobz and two wagons tried to hit a nearby Storm raven but could not land any blows.

Wraithguard attack

The Knights countered destroying the last of the fleeing Koptas. Saturated fire destroyed all the wagons. The wagons were all gone but the boyz were where they needed to be. Mega Nobz chased down a Strom Raven and destroyed it. The Mexican boyz opted to assault a Ven Dread to clear it from an objective. The Pirates boyz secured the middle objective. Ghaz joined the Wild boyz who opted to Waaagh to get into contact with two dreads. One of the dreads was destroyed with a klaw attack. Snikrot made an appearance and kommandoes destroyed two Razorbacks and pinned a henchman squad in combat.

The Vindicare and more henchmen had to de-bus and assault the Kommandos to clear them from the area. The Vindicare was wounded and another squad of henchmen was destroyed. Ghaz and friends chopped down the second dreadnought and pushed forward. The knights fired on the Pirates boyz. The nearest was killed this enabled a second Ven Dread to assault into contest range of an objective. Ghaz opted to fired on the wounded Vindicare in the open but predictably missed with everything.

Terminators Vs gaurd (guess who won?)

A Henchman squad claimed the third open objective. The knights blazed away at the wild boyz reducing them to two models. The wild boyz opted to hid behind some wrecks leaving Ghaz to go it alone. Which turned out to mean him failing to assault an immobilised razorback containing some cowering henchmen. The Mexicans boyz finally finished of the Ven Dreadnought to clear an objective. Unfortunately the Pirate boyz could not do the same.

The game ended with both sides were tied on kill points and each holding an objective with a Ven Dreadnought denying the Orks a second.

The Result: 10:10

Lamdraider targets TNI captain

The result put the Orks into fifth place. The Grey Knights did not get enough for the win with another Ork army claiming top spot. Not a bad weekend. But it would be nice to stop the rematches versus the same army or same player. The relatively low player numbers meant there were a lot of rematches.  

Horde Orks over run Terminators for the tournament win

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