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Monday, April 30, 2012

Sitrep (40K): Return to Retcon round 4

Round 4 Vs Johnny playing Imperial Gaurd
Deployment: Spearhead
Primary Objective: Seize ground. Three objectives, one in the centre and one in the centre of each quarter in no mans land.
Secondary Objective: Capture and control.
The Enemy:
1 Command squad
2 Valkyries
5 Veterans squads in chimeras
1 Manticore
1 Bane wolf
1 Marbo
1 squadron of Hyrdas

Fire base 1

The Battle:
Johnny's list seemed still to be in development and a bit heavy on the Veterans side. The IG got to go first and deployed evenly in their quarter. The orks opted for the reserve game. The guard move to form two separate fire bases. One based on the manticore, the other based on the hydras. The veterans fanned out trying to deny Ghaz and the Kommandos a path on to the table but their numbers were too small and the run moves did not help. Even worse Marbo showed up at the wrong time and ended up hiding in the latrines.

Fire base 2

Ghaz predictably showed up at the weak spot in the guard coverage and destroyed a veteran squad, a bane wolf and immobilised a chimera. Two wagon mobs moved on and one tried to Waaagh into contact with hydras but was just out. The other secured the Ork base. Two Kopta mobs arrived one destroyed a Veteran squad while the other stunned a chimera, with Vets inside, guarding the IG base.

Kommandos do what they do best.
 guide Ghaz to something tasty :)

With Koptas and Ghaz in close contact the IG tried to get a good fire solution in place. The Waaaghing mob was hammered by the manticore but not destroyed. The wagon mob guarding the Ork was attacked by a vendetta, which dropped off melta Vets, which destroyed the wagon but left the mob intact. While a kopta mob was taken out by Marbo and friends.

Lone Deff Kopta tries to destroy some Veterans protecting their objective

The Orks kept up the pressure. The Mega Nobz and last wagon mob rolled on. The now wagon-less mob destroyed the melta Vets and their ride. A Wagon rolled over the hydras destroying both. Ghaz and the Kommandos parted ways Ghaz went after the IG base while the Kommandos went after a nearby scoring unit.

Mexi-orks head North

The Guard continued to try to cripple the Ork mobility with another wagon was destroyed due to a vendetta strike. The Kommandos suffered the attention of the nearby command squad and took heavy casualties. The last guard scoring unit dis-embarked and tried to clear the Koptas that were attacking their chimera. The shooting was inconclusive but left the squad exposed to Ghaz and the koptas.

Pirate Orks go hunting Vendetta

The Mega Nobz dis-embarked to secure a another objective. Their wagon drove forward and collected the depleted wagon mob. Ghaz and the koptas finished of the Last guard scoring unit and their chimera as well. The Guard struggled to respond the last wagon was destroyed and Snikrot's mob was finished off but the boyz dig in deep into the objectives. The Vendetta went after Ghaz badly wounding him from long range.
In Response the Orks secured all the available objectives. On that the game ended.

The Result: 17:3

Snikrot's last stand

Mexi-orks got two battle wagons shot out from under them

Vendetta goes Ghaz hunting

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