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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sitrep (40K); Return to Retcon round 2

Round 2 Vs Rowan playing Necrons
Deployment: Pitched battle
Primary Objective: Capture and control
Secondary Objective: Table quarters. Each table quarter counts as an objective
The Enemy:
2 Lords on Barges
1 Court
3 Necrons squads
2 Wraith Squads
2 Annihilation Barges
1 Ghost Ark

The Battle:
The Orks got to go first. The koptas deployed with the wagons opting for reserve while Snikrot and Ghaz who opted to out flank. The Necrons deployed everything except two squads of Necrons one of which had a crytek attached. Scouting saw the Deff Koptas turbo boost towards the Necron lines.

Turn one started with a hail of rockets and chainsaw attacks which resulted ion a lot of scratched paint. The wraiths replied destroying two of the deff koptas mobs with not loss. The rest of the necrons drifted forward.

Orc reserves began to arrive. Two wagons rolled towards the Necrons unguarded objective while the Nob's wagon set up shop on the Ork objective. Ghaz with Snitrot choose to wait his time. The Necron reserves arrived and the army pushed forward, with shooting having little effect.

The Big Mek dismounted from the Mega-nobz's wagon which in turn surged forward to de-bus the Mega-nobz. The Mega-nobz flames the Ghost Ark and Wraiths hiding behind before destroying the Arc in combat. The Wraith ignored the Nobz and pushed forwards with some |Necrons to threaten the Orks now abandoned objective. The other Wraith pack reinforced a squad of Necrons which moved to protect the Necrons objective. Shooting had little effect the Court tried to damage some wagons and failed while the Barges failed to hurt the rampaging Mega-nobz.

Orks secure the Necron objective

The Orks continued to pile on the pressure. The Mega-nobz smashed an Annihilation Barge that had drifted to close for comfort. Snikrot and Ghaz ambushed the Wraiths and Necrons moving towards Ork base. The Necrons were destroyed while the Wraith ssuffered badly due to fearless saves. Two wagons moves moved to threaten the Necrons home base.

Ghaz ambushes the Necron strike force

With assault on the Ork base stalled the Necrons started to move to protect their own base. A Necron squad with Crytpek tried to deepstrike on to their own objective but scattered of table and was destroyed. The Court and Barges tried to stop the Wagons but had no effect.

Wagon Mob goes after Wraiths

In response the Kommandoes finished of the Wraith threatening the Ork base and moved after a nearby Nercon lord on Barge which was the only Necrons left in the quarter. One of the wagons threatening the Necrons base broke formation and moved sidewise to drop of a Choppa mob who assaulted and destroyed the last Wraith and Necron warrior units in play. The last wagon parked near the Necron base.- The Necron retalited with their lords. The lord nearest the Ork objective tried to assault into contest range of the base but there were too many orks and he was locked in combat outside contest range. The last lord did a swipe attack on the Wagon claiming the Necron objective and destroyed it. He then de-bused to finish off the surviving choppa boyz. The Court and Last Annilation barge tried to finish the mega Nobz that was rampage through the Necron line but with little effect.

Off topic Black Templar demonstrate how not to roll terminator saves

With the Necrons in a bad way the Orks moved in for the Kill. Ghaz destroyed a command barge while the choppa mob guarding the Ork objective cut down the Lord. The Choppa mob contesting the Necron base cut down the challenging lord. The Mega-nobz, now down to Nob, opted to run into an empty table quarter to claim the quarter. On that the game ended.

The Result: Win 18.2

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