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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WIP (FOW): Kampfgruppe Von Bohme part 2

Nuts,  I have gone from time rich cash poor to cash rich time poor. As a result the to do box is starting to resemble a WWII German tank factory.

PSC Stugs 
(the barrels are kept interchangeable so they can be either Anti tank or anti infantry depending on the need)

First up is kampfgruppe Von Bohme. The last parts for the list finally arrived. Being obsessive and slightly compulsive the initial list has been reinforced with an additional mortar, HMG and AA platoons. I am slightly miffed with Battlefront since I got the light gun battery for the list only to find I can not use it in the list. The box says it is suitable for late war but it turns out that means for Hungarians, not much use for Gebirgjaegers. Rather than shelf the models the plan is to stick the mule base beside the bases to make a heavy mortar and now I have a heavy mortar platoon. I still need to figure what to do with the staff team.

Gebirgjaeger "heavy mortars"

Staff team without a command

Von Bohme's reinforcements, HMG, Mortar, Anti tank platoons

Nearly done (Skytrek's Puppenchen with Battlefront Gebirgsjaeger)

I am also suffering from DYKW syndrome and shiny model syndrome. DKYW affects FOW players usually when they a mid way through or nearly finished their latest army. DKYW occurs when the gamer starts to lok at other lists and mutters to themselves “Do Yon Know What, if I got platoon A and I could turn these guys into company B and effectively have a new army. That is clever I will do that”.

Forged in Battles Stug battery ammunition carriers

Command team

For Kampf gruppe Von Bohme this meant instead of getting the planned one box of Plastic Soldier Company's Stug I got two. So I can now make a Stug (tank) company as well as the existing infantry company.

Forged in Battles Pumas on the prowl (needs decal and weathearing)

The shiny model syndrome is all Forged in Battle's fault. A dozen of their kits have arrived in the last few weeks. I really like the ersatz M10 (panther tank is disguise) and Pumas. I am not sure I will do with the Stug battery support vehicles, they will probably end up as objectives.

Ersatz M10 in progress

Once Kampfgruppe Von Bohme is finished the plan is to move on to form a kampfgruppe from the 18th Volksgrenadiers division.Well equipped but not well trained and responsible for the biggest American defeat in NW Europe, sounds interesting. Skytrek grenadiers are already here I just waiting to see the FOW list for Volksgrenadiers before assembly.

Also more vehicles are planned (PSC panther and half tracks, Battlefront Panzer PiV/70 (V) platoons).I think I have the hang of watering paints now [possible career change to a bar man if needs be :)] I would like try something different painting wise. Someone mentioned a three tone undercoat and somebody else mentioned an undercoat with wash. I wonder what happens if you combine them.


Furstenburg said...

got enough stugs there darragh?

Dakeryus said...

like ze germans. I can never have enough stugs ;)

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