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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sitrep (40K): Return to Retcon round 1

Retcon (UCD 40K tournament) being in Dublin near the Easter Bank holiday. Is a nice trip,  Plus I get to see the folks for more than a couple of hours befopre heading off into boonies of Cark or Galway. For the tournament the Battlewagon boyz rolled into action

Round 1 Vs Ryan playing Space Wolves
Deployment: Spearhead
Primary Objective: Seize ground with five objectives. One in the centre and one in the centre of each corner.
Secondary Objective: Kill points
The Enemy:
1 Rune Priest
1 Wolf guard pack
1 Scout pack
3 Long fang packs with las/plas razorbacks
3 large Grey Hunter packs in rhinos
2 small Grey Hunter packs

The Battle:
It had to start with wolves. Even worse Ryan list had evolved from Iztacon. Less Rune Priests and Scouts and more Grey Hunters. Last time the Orks out numbered the Wolves 4-5 to 1 and got a draw. This time the numbers were about even.

Wolves deploy

The Wolves got to go first and picked the biggest building on the battle field and set-up camp with the Long Fangs going for the high ground while the Grey Hunters secured the lower floors. One Long Fang packs opted to deploy in a rhino to set-up a cross fire on the table. A Grey Hunter pack went into reserve while the scouts opted to out flank. The Orks opted to roll on from reserve.

Grey Hunters on the move

Turn one saw the Wolves spread out seizing nearby objectives and setting up better positions. With no opposition on the table they did the same in turn two. Annoyingly, the scouts also failed to show up. The Orks arrival was preceded by two Deff Kopta squadrons that rolled on and attacked a small Grey Hunter wolf pack that was guarding an objective. The pack broke and barely escaped the Koptas. Two wagon mobs also arrived and secured the objective on the Ork table edge.

Wolf Scouts get on the flank of a Wagon

On queue the Wolf Scouts showed up and popped a Battle wagon. The fleeing wolf pack could not rally and none of the other packs could shake off the koptas that were dogging it. More orks arrived. The two wagon mobs went after the one wolf scout pack looking for pay back. Ghaz and friends assaulted and destroyed a rhino that had drifted to close to the Ork deployment area. The last kopta squadron showed up and assaulted a Long Fang pack. The Wagon mobs made short work of the scouts.

Battle wagon boys move after Wolf Scouts

The Grey Hunters from the rhino Ghaz had destroyed tried to destroyed his battle wagon but failed. A razor back got a side shot on another wagon and destroyed it. Long Fangs struggled to shake of the Deff Koptas but both stayed locked in combat. The last Grey Hunter pack rolled in from reserve and moved to rescue the Long Fangs. The Last Wagon mob arrived and Waaaghed to surround and destroyed the rhino with the Rune Priest and Grey Hunters inside, destroying them all. Ghaz engaged and destroyed the Grey Hunters that had gone after his transport. 

Wild boyz swarm a Rhino pack
Ghaz and friends go Rhino bashing

 The Mega Nobz fell back to secure an objective. Deff Koptas started to run amok taking rear shots at rhinos and razorbacks and generally being a pain in the ass. Snikrot, the kommandos and the wagon mob assaulted the newly arrived Grey Hunters and embattled Long Fangs and destroyed them both. A Razorback tried to tank shock and contest an Ork objective but the wagon mob destroyed it. The Game end with the orks holding or contesting 4 of the 5 of the objectives.

Mexi-orks secure an objective

Komandoes help a wagon mob secure another

The Result: win 19:1

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