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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sitrep (40K): Return to Retcon round 3

Round 3 Vs Floody playing Grey Knights
Deployment: Dawn of War
Primary Objective: Kill Points
Secondary Objective: Capture and Control
The Enemy:
5 Henchman squads with razorbacks
1 large henchman squad
2 Storm ravens
3 riflemen dread
2 Venerable dreads
1 Vindicare

This is Grey Knight territory

The Battle:
Orks ain't fond of Grey Knights. Fortunately there were no purifiers present, actually there were no Grey Knights in the list at all. Which makes it interesting twist from the standard canned spam Cortez list. The Orks shooting consisting of six deff koptas may have been lightly outmatched but them is the breaks. The Grey Knight got to go first. The Razorbacks deployed in massaround the Knight's base with the exception of one which joined a rifleman and assassin opposite the Ork base. The remaining riflemen spread evenly across the deployment zone while the Ravens went in the middle waiting for targets. The Orks opted to reserve.

Turns one and two were quiet with the no Orks on the field and so no targets for the Knights. This changed when a single Deff Kopta mob and a token Wagon mob rolled into place. The Wagon secured the Ork base. while the Koptas went after the rifleman and lone Razorback threatening the Ork base. Rockets and Shootas only immobilised the Razorback. The Koptas then assaulted both units to pin the riflemen in combat and avoid a round of Knights shooting. Now with targets the Knights started to move, the two Ravens shuffled forward, aware that Snikrot with Ghaz still had not made an appearance. The Riflemen and the Vindicare put hits on the Wagon but could not cause any damage. Combat ineffective the riflemen failed to hit the koptas. The saw failed to hurt the immobilised razorback and then the koptas failed to break off.

Ghaz sets fire to a lone Rifleman

More Orks started to appear, two Wagons rolled on and took up positions near the Ork base. Ghaz and friends showed up in support of the Koptas. Another Kopta mob arrived and tried to take out the assassin with shooting but failed to have an effect. Ghaz and the Kommandoes assualted in and destroyed the rifleman. The Assassin was able to hold his own gets the kommandoes who then consolidated into him. The Razorback turned out to be Buzzsaw proof, surviving rockets and big shoota attacks as well with only weapons destroyed results.

The Grey Knights began to counter attack. The surving riflemen destroyed one kopta squadron and forced another to flee. A Storm Raven bussed Cortez, his death cultists and and venerable dreadnought into position to rescue the threatened assassin. The cultists attack was devastating with all the Kommandoes slain. Fortunately, the Dread failed to make contact. Ghaz was on his own. Cortez into consolidated into contact followed by the rest of the cultists.

Spot the assassin?

The fleeing kopta finally destroyed the immobilised, weaponless rhino, but predictable the crew took no damage and just hid behind the wreck. A Wagon broke formation and moved forward to debus a choppa mob. Cortez cast sanctuary to make their life difficult. In the end they attack the henchmen and tried to get the assassin which had one wound left. The assassin was out of range but the henchmen were quickly dealt with. Annoyingly Ghaz dropped before he land a good blow on Cortez leaving the Death Cultist free to go after the boyz.

The Knights continued with their counter. A Storm Raven destroyed the out of formation wagon. One rifleman finshed of the fleeing deffe kopta mob another destroyed a wagon from long range. Between the cultists and the Venerable Dread the choppa mob did not last long.  The last Kopta mob finally showed up and tried to sneak into contest the Grey Knight flag but alas the game rolled on and two Koptas vs the Razorback wall did not end well.

The Result: loss 16:4

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