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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wip (40K); Cadain tauros venator

Inspiration; Originally inspired by Greydeath how to guide on the work in progress forum. The attack jeep use to count as a salamander or chimera but now with the forgeworld rules for the Tauros Venator it gets a more appropriate set of rules

-Space Marine Landspeeder
-Old Orc truck wheels
-Accessories from the Imperial guard vehicle sprue and some modern war vehicle accessories for 1/32 scale.
-Plastic rods and card.

-Assemble the speeder as per instruction leave out the crew and engine exhaust at the back.
- Attach the wheels to the plastic rods and glue them to the undercarriage of the speeder.
- Cover the rear of the speeder with plastic card and cover with accessories.
-Assemble imperial gaurd crew and put them in the converted speeder.
- Add as many accessories as suit your taste.

editor; Hmm, I wonder what you could do with the new scout speeder?

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