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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sit rep (FOW); Bizory

Taskforces Duval, Wall and Kenndey deployed in their starting position in the american left and centre.

501st PIR/101st airborne defending the woods north of the rail stop

304th Volksgrenadier division faces off agnaist the american paras

German side of the battlefeild before the armour arrives

German armour starts to arrive with 560th SS heavy Panzerjaeger Battalion moving down the Bizory road.

12th SS Panzerjaeger Battalion with support from the King Tiger moves down the Railway road.. Making short work of Taskforce Duval Stuarts.

Taskforces Kennedy and Wall prepared to defend Mageret.

1st SS panzer battalion moves on Mageret with taskforce Kennedy's Staurts defending.

101st and 304th Volksgrenadiers battle it out in the woods north of the rail tracks.
King Tiger moves past the remain of Taskforce Kenndey and on towards the Railway stop.
1st SS panzer battalion captures Mageret.
560th SS heavy panzerjager battalion stalls before the heights in front of Bizory.

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