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Monday, October 1, 2012

Sitrep (40K): 5th Saxony Ball part I

Four days after the first 6th game and the Sisters of Battle rolled into Leipzig looking for their first 6th ed tournament.

The Sisterhood of Steel consisted on
Saint Celestine
Pater Row (priest)
3 squads of Sisters in rhinos
2 Squads of Dominions in Immolators

With Imperial Guard allies consisting of
1 Company command squad
1 Pysker squad
1 full strength platoon with Commissar.

Saint Celestine fails the first of what was to be many failed instant death saves

The Ball had some special rules for 6th edition since this was their first time running a sixth ed event,
1) no random terrain effects
2) No fortifications. Except the Aegis line which is deployed in your deployment step
3) Command trait is chosen before the tournament begins and written into your army list.
4) There were fifteen victory points for winning the primary mission with ten points for a draw and five points for a loss with +/-three victory points depending on damage inflicted

I liked the command trait rule, was indifferent to the random terrain and not keen on the fortification rules. So I guess this made it a balanced rules pack

Round 1 Vs Chaos marines led by Daniel
The enemy:
1 Lash sorcerer
1 Jet pack lord
2 squad of Marines I rhinos
1 Squad of Havocs
1 squad of Raptors
1 Pack of Spawn
1 Defiler

Chaos deployed

The Mission: The Emperors will
The Deployment: Dawn of war

The Battle:
I am not keen on the Emperor's Will mission. I think it would be better done in FOW style with players placing objectives in their opponents table half.  Making a game of it rather than in their own half which makes armies castle up.

Imperial Guard garrsion

The forces of Chaos won the roll off and opted to go first. Predictably both players opted to put their objectives in the most difficult place possible for the attacker. The Sisters got the better of this thanks to the out flanking Dominions squads. All the Chaos Marines deployed.  The Defiler, Havocs and a Squad of Marine痴 opted to form a fire based protecting their objective. While the rest formed an assault group to go after the Sisters objective.  In response Celestine and a single squad of Sister formed an assault group to go after the Chaos objective. The Imperial guard less, the pyskers, deployed to defend their objective backed up by the Priest. The Dominions went in out flank, two squads of Sisters and the pyskers went into reserve.
The Sisterhood failed to seize the initiative and the Forces of Chaos began to advance on the Sister's objective.  Shooting was ineffective with a couple of Guardsmen killed and a chimera taking a glancing hit. In response the guard shuffled their lines and immobilised a Chaos Rhino that was shielding the Marines advance.

Stalking spawn

The Spawn broke through cover and assaulted a large blob of guard. Snap fire did two wounds before the beasts hit and killed ten guardsmen. The commissar kept the blob in the fight and the guard did three wounds in reply. The Raptors tried to assault the Chimera but could not make the range. Sisters reinforcements began to arrive. A Dominion squad arrived on the wrong flank. The Pysker and a Sisters squad arrived to protect the objective. Celestine and her squad began to advance on their objective. Between volley fire from the guard, bolter and flamer fire from the sisters and the pyskers, the Raptors were destroyed and their attached lord was forced to flee. The guards battling the beasts took more casualties but were able to destroyed both monsters and fall back into cover

Gaurd Vs Spawn

The Sorcerer lashed the victorious guard into assault range and attacked with a squad of marines. The Guard lost combat but stayed in the fight. The Havocs destroyed the Rhino of squad with Celestine but the defiler shot scattered and had not effect. The second Dominion squad arrived on the right side and started to engage the Havocs with melta fire.  The last Sisters squad arrived and raced towards the objective in the chaos deployment zone.  The Dominion squad on the other side of the battle field destroyed the Chaos Lord with a multi melta shot. The Sisters with Celestine fired on the garrison marines squad and destroyed a few. Celestine assaulted the Havocs but was shot with a snap firing auto cannon must to the relief of the havocs. The Guard battle Marines actual won combat for the marines stayed in action.  

Gaurd prepare to defend the objective

Without Celestine, the sisters squad did not last long as the Marines shot then assaulted, to destroyed the squad.  The Havocs tried to destroy the Immolator that was within close range but failed.  The defiler again missed at point blank range.  The relief of the Havocs was short lived has Celestine got up and continued the charge killing several marines with her flamer then a few in combat.  The immolator bracketed the Defiler and finally destroyed it. The unengaged guard destroy and enemy rhino. The newly arrived sisters got the drop on the last squad of marines destroying the squad.  The embattled guard were reinforced by a squad of sisters to tie down the Sorcerer longer. The last marines with the Sorcerer was killed leaving the Sorcerer with just one wound surrounded by gaurdsmen and sisters.

Sisters intercept Chaos marines
On that the game ended

The Result: Victory 18-2

Celestine clears the objective


Frank O'Donnell said...

I think letting players pick & keep a warlord trait could become broken very quick & wouldn't put it a rule pack tbh.

Dakeryus said...

I am not so sure. If all of the codex get access to all of the Traits which codex gets to benefit from the "broken" rule.

The traits now become a better more relevant for your army, no more rolling for city fight master then end up fighting in jungle.

Plus because you pick one and are stuck with it there is usual one or more games where you find yourself thinking I wish I had picked X trait instead of Y trait.

Michael Tangney said...

I like the principle of rolling a dice but picking from any of the 3 you roll. that way it is still random but ones which are completely useless are avoided.

Dakeryus said...

I would prefer if it was points based weak, medium, strong at say 10 points, 20 points or 30 points. that way players could added it to their army builds eg Arnie had built his army on the cunning plan for night fighting it adds depth to your list building

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