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Thursday, October 18, 2012

WiP (FOW):what to do with those left over parts from the Plastic Soldier Company

Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) are making big waves in the world of the 15mm ww2 gaming. Cost effective plastic with a wide variety of options ticks a lot of boxes in the like column. So far I have picked up five different sets and have assembled three of them, the Panther, the stug and the T34 76/85. After assembling the tanks there usually is a lot of parts left over. Here are some of the things I have been thinking of using them for.


The T34 76/85 kit comes with both turret options and so far is the best kit for playing with conversionwise. I assembled both my turrets so the tanks type can be changed to suit the list. I also made some fancy vehicle destroyed markers. I plan to make more but the next time have the turret detachable from the smoke column.

The next option for the spare T34 turrets is to make a Bronekater (soviet armoured gunboat). Miniature Wargames magazine did a "how to" guide  to make a 20mm Bronekater using PSC kits in their December   011 issue. Andy (the miniature wargames editor) says a soft copy of the issue will be available in December  The plan is to get the instructions and shrink all the dimension by 25% to make a 15mm scale model.

Bronekater with fore and aft T34 turrets

From the Panther kit there was no much salvageable for other projects but the detachable turret could be used for Panther bunker.

From the stug kit the only thing I could come up with was to make the barrels interchangeable some the stug can be either a regular stug or a 105mm stug.


Newbreed said...

One more. The passengers in the Skid halftrack set can be used as German tank riders.

Neal Smith said...

Great stuff! Especially the exploding turret!

I have been thinking of things to do with the leftover bits. Later, the Germans would just bury whole Panthers into the ground, so I was thinking you could use the top deck part along with the turret to make some bunkers.

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