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Monday, October 15, 2012

Sitrep (40k): back to the Ogre's lair part 1 (another battle for Prague)

In March of this year the Orks when to the Ogre lair in Prague and walked away with 1st place. This time the Sisterhood of Steel (aka Sisters of Battle) were sent in to defend the title. With 6th in effect the Ogres opted to tweak the 6th ed rules a little,
-Only allow Blood Brother allies
-Disallow fortifications
-Disallow random terrain

They also introduced new scoring system for round which I did not fully understand. So instead the Sisters just focus on beating up anything that got in the way

Sisters deployed

Sisterhood of Steel with Old Breed(imperial guard) Allies
Saint Jude (st Celestine)
Pater Woe (Priest)
Squad Thorn (Sisters) riding in a Rhino
Squad Rose(Sisters) riding in a Rhino
Squad Sword (Sisters)
Squad retribution (Dominions) riding in an Immolator
Squad Vengeance (Dominions) riding in an Immolator

The Old Breed
Captain Cain
The Undesirables (pyskers)
Able platoon (Able platoon normally split into two platoons for flexibility)
Baker platoon

Able-2 takes the hill over looking the battlefeild
Mission and deployment: CrusadeDawn of War
The enemy: Vojta playing Eldar
1 Harlequin Troupe
1 Dire Avenger squad in a Wave Serpent
1 Scout squad
1 Jet bike squad
1 War Walker squadron
1 Wraith lord
2 Vipers (1 scatter laser and 1 bright lance)
1 Vibro cannon battery

Eldar right flank

The battle:
The Sisters won the roll off and opted to deploy first (It was not until turn three before the eldar won any of the roll offs). There were four objectives in play one near the centre of each table quarter. Dominions and the Guard deployed up front with St Jude to the left flank, while the sisters went on the flanks. The Pyskers and a walking sisters went in reserve. The Eldar broke into two main groups. On the left flank was the War Walkers, Dreadnought, Eldrad, Yreil and the Harlequinns. On the Right went the Avengers in the Wave serpent, The Vibro battery and the Scouts deployed in a ruin claiming an objective. The two vipers went in reserve.

Dominions storm the eldar flank

The Dominions got their scout moves in first. A squad made straight for the Warwalkers. Between them ,their immolator and fire support from a guard platoon two warwalkers were destroyed and the third immobilised. The advancing Guard also pummelled the Harlequinns forcing a morale check which they passed. Surprisingly Yreil took a Multilaser hit and was dropped. Even the Eldar Scouts in cover took casualties as the Guard advanced but stayed in play. The Wraith lord, Eldrad and the Harlquinns destroyed the Dominions and their transport. However, they could not consolidate far enough away from St Jude and an approaching Sister's squad.

Able-2 pours fire into the Jet bikes

St Jude flamed and assaulted the Wraith lord dispatching him quickly. The Sisters flamed the Harlequinns destroying the squad. The Second Dominion squad went after the Wave Serpent but with no effect. Another Sister squad pushed into the ruins chasing after the Eldar Scouts. Eldrad cut down St Jude but the elder flank had effectively collapsed the newly arrived Vipers rush into support but were unlikely to clear out the sisters which were now being reinforced with more Guard. The Vibro's glanced a pair of vehicles in a line. The Dire Avengers Cut Down the dominion squad that was after the Wave Serpent. The jet bikes moved to support the beleaguered Scouts and destroyed the Sisters Rhino.

Dominions push through the centre

St Jude got back up and with support from the Sisters Cut down Eldrad. The Wave Serpent was immobilised by a lascannon fire. The Jet bike took fire a fled thanks to weaken resolve from the Pyskers. An immolator tanks shocked the Dire Avengers and Vibro cannons and fired on the Wave serpent. The Dire Avenger fled but the rest was not affected. The Wave Serpent destroyed the immolator that was threatening it. The Vibro's again glanced two vehicle, however, both passed their invulnerable saves.

Sisters strom ruins defended by Eldar scouts

The Sisters in the ruin destroyed the Scouts with flamers. A Guard platoon stormed the Vibro cannon battery taking it out of action

Able-2 storms the Eldar gun battery

A lascannon shot finished off the immobilised wave serpent. Another shot destroyed a Viper. St Jude destroyed the last viper to clear the battle field of Xenos

The result: Win 7-0 on victory points.

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