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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sitrep (40k): back to the Ogre's lair part 5

Round5: Big guns never tire with Vanguard deployment
The enemy: Grey Knights led by Martin

Armies deployed

Inquisitor lord
2 Techmarines
1 squad of Grey Knight
4 squad of tricked out henchman
3 rifle men

The battle:
There were five objectives placed roughly one near the centre of each table quarter and one near the table centre.  The upgraded henchmen were an interesting if very confusing troop unit. They had a lot of upgrades, jakero, power armoured plasma gunners and some count-as servitors. In addition, Coteaz and the Inquistor Lord meant alternating units re-roll to hit modifiers due to Divination. From the Inquisition side the combination of orders from the Guard and faith from the Sisters made it hard to make a threat assessment.

Charge of St Jude

The Sisterhood won the roll off and opted to deploy first. Picking the side with the most covered approach to four of the five objectives and trying to force the Inquisition nearer to a flank for the Dominions to get at.  The Inquisition did not take the bait and deployed everything in the centre in cover. The first turn as night fighting.

Due to limited visibility the Sisterhood made little impression on the Inquisition but did manage to destroy a rifleman with a lascannon shot for frist blood. Frustratingly the guard command had to go before the Chimera colud light up an targets with its spotlight. St Jude pushed forward to screen the main force. The Inquisition gunned down St Jude and started chipping away guard platoons.  

The Sisterhood closes in

Day break saw the arrival of squads of Dominions and Sisters which moved to secure an objective. St Jude did not get up. The Lascannons claimed another Rifleman but the last one shrugged of its hits. Inquisition reinforcement arrived in the form of a combat squad Grey Knight unit which dropped near an objective deep in the Guard half and then destroyed two lascannon teams. The last Riflemen claim an immolator which had fail to take it out. The rest of the Inquisition fired on the Guard forcing a platoon to go to ground to stay in the fight.

St Jude got up and torched the nearest Henchman squad but she was again shot down trying to assault into combat. Another squad of Sisters arrived and destroyed the Grey Knight in the Sister’s deployment zone.  A Dominion squad also arrived but on the wrong side. The guard failed to destroy the last rifleman. The rifleman returned fire with little effect. The Inquisition were getting the better of the fire fight with the Guard platoons taking heavy losses.

Lascannon teams check line of sight to a rifleman

St Jude got up and flamed Coteaz's Squad and again died on the assault. The Pyskers tried to weaken his resolve but the Rifleman was still active and stopped the attempt. A platoon of guardsmen moved behind a hill to contest one of the only two objectives under inquisition control. A second Grey Knight combat squad arrived instead of trying to clear the Sisters from an objective they went after the Pysker squad which had been harassing Coteaz. The Pyskers took wounds but the squad stayed in play.  

St Jude got up again and moved after the Inquisition squad guarding the last Inquisition objective. She flamed the squad and again died on the assault. The Inquisition pushed to clear the Guard threatening their objective. However, the terrain they could not bring a lot of guns into effect.

The Guard platoon assaulted the approaching Inquisition squad. They won the combat but the Inquisition stayed in play. The Henchman were then reinforced with an inquisitor and a tech marine and destroyed the guard platoon.

The Game ended with the Sister holding 3 objectives and the Inquisition hold 2.

The result: Draw (hindsight we forget to add in the two dreadnought kills which would have swung the game in favour of the Sisters, c’est la geurre) 

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