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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

sitrep (40K); 5th Saxony Ball part 2

Round 2 Vs Grey Knights led by Henri
Grey Knight deployed

The enemy:
Inquisitor lord
4 Psybacks squads
3 Riflemen
2 Storm Ravens
2 large squads of Crusaders
Aegis defense line

The Mission: the Relic

The Deployment: Hammer and anvil

Sisters deployed 

The Battle:
Henri was back and this time he switch his fate weaver bomb for a Coteaz carpark. To be more accurate a Coteaz car park behind an Aegis line back-up by assaulting Storm Ravens.. This could be unpleasant, fortunately the mission was the Relic which means both side needed to be a little aggressive to capture the objective. Also we rolled for night fighting on turn one. Plus the Sisters got to go frist meaning they have a good chance of applying early pressure on the Knights

Sisters seize the relic

The Sisters won the roll off and opted to go first. Two Dominions squads went into outflank to get around the Aegis line. Two Sisters squad formed a snatch team to go after the objective. The third sister squad together with the Imperial Guard Chimera formed a back-up snatch team. Two Imperial Guard blob squads went of either flank to provide fire support. Celestine went with the first snatch team. The pyskers went behind a hill out of sight. In response Coteaz, the Inquisitor and the Crusaders mounted the Storm Ravens and went into reserve. The rest of the army deployed behind the Aegis line over looking the Relic.

Turn one saw the snatch team go in. One squad grabbed the Relic while the other moved to protect them. Shooting was ineffective between the Aegis line and night fighting. But one lascannon team managed to take out a Psyback must to every bodies surprise. The Grey Knights started blasting. The shielding Rhino was wrecked but still blocked line of sight. Several gaurdsmen were killed as the Knights tried to get at the lascannon teams.

A Dominion squad made an appearance again on the wrong side of the table. Celestine broke cover and flamed and assaulted an intercept gun in the Aegis hoping to tight up some fire elements. The Sisters with the Relic began the slow walk back to their table edge with another rhino again blocking line of sight. Lascannon fire was ineffective only glancing some of the riflemen. Coteaz and both storm Raven put in an appearance. Coteaz's opted to go straight after the Relic while the second Raven tried to get ahead of the retreating squad. A rifle men went after Celestine and gunned her down on his first attempt. The Storm Raven destroyed another shielding rhino and dropped several of the squad but the Sister Superior kept hold of the Relic.

Ravens in pursue

The second Dominion squad arrived on the right side this time. The squad destroyed a psiback. Clearing the path for the Immolator to destroy a Rifleman. Which made for a dramatic entrance. Not to be out down the other dominion squad took down the Inquisitor Lord Storm Raven. Killing several henchmen with most surviving thanks to their shields. Even the Guard chipped in scoring a glancing hit on Coteaz's Raven. The Snatch team fell back with another rhino moving into to block line of sight. The pyskers made an appearance to weaken the resolve of the Inquisitor lord causing him and his squad to fall back further from the action. Coteaz's and his retinue debussed to go after the Relic. His Storm Raven swung around. A machine spirit multi melta shot destroyed the Rhino. While some pyskic missiles destroyed the Pysker squad except for the overseer. The rest of the car park switched fire to the Dominion squad that was running around its rear with melta guns. The resulting destroyed the immolator and all the sisters except for one fleeing melta gunner. Coteaz's retinue tried to multi assault against two squads of Sisters, one of which had the Relic. Snap fire from four flamers and ten rapid fire bolters took their toll on the squad and when the charge landed the Relic squad was just out of range and there for safe while the other squad had to face the wrath of Coteaz alone. The squad survived but stay locked in combat.

Raven closing in

Celestine got back up and moved after Inquistor Lord. The surviving Dominion squad destroyed the last Storm Raven with snap fire. Their immolator tank shocked the Inquisitor lord's retinue further from the action. The squad in contact with Coteaz survived another round of combat with just one sister left. The Relic continued to fall-back. The fleeing melta gunner scored a glancing hit on rifleman. Coteaz finished of the last Sister and fell back behind a wrecked rhino. The Inquisitor Lord assaulted and destroyed an immolator.

Sisters shelter the snatch team

With the Relic safe the Sisters started to hunt for trophy kills. A Chimera tank shocked Coteaz retinue into the open and a Sister squad hit it with bolters and flamers to wipe out the retinue and leave Coteaz alone. Celestine hit the Inquisitor Lord's retinue but the coward refused a challenge and she could not make any impression on the retinue's storm shields

With Coteaz giving chase

On that the game ended

The Result: Victory. 15-5

Coteaz gets bogged down allowing the Relic to escape

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