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Monday, October 22, 2012

Sitrep (40k): back to the Ogre's lair part 4

Mission and deployment: The Emperor's Will with Dawn of War deployment
The enemy: Jiri playing Space wolves
(Jiri is the current top player in the Czech republic and he wanted pay back from the last game where the  Orks liberated the trophy from him in the last round of the last tournament in Prague)

The wolves come out to play

1 Lord on Thunder Wolf
1 Rune Priest
1 Thunder Wolf pack
4 big squad of Grey Hunters with Terminator Wolfguards attached
3 Long Fang pack
There goes the initiative

Wolves deploy

The Battle:
The Sisterhood won the roll off and deployed first. The objective went down behind a hill in the centre of the deployment zone. The Wolves counter went down in the centre of their deployment zone. The large guard platoon split in two with two smaller platoons going on either flank. The smaller platoon grouped together and deployed on the hill. The CiC and the pyskers went behind the hill. The two Platoon leaders deployed behind either of the smaller smaller platoons. A squad of sisters went on one flank. St Jude deployed at the head of the army. The Dominions opted to out flank while two Sisters squads went into reserve. In response the Wolf Lord and his Thunder Wolves went on one flank hoping to use cover to flank the Sisters objective. The long Fangs deployed at the rear. The four Space Wolf packs deploy in the centre directly opposite the Sisters objective.

Chage of the Thunder wolves

The Wolves stole the initiative (accompanied by a small victory dance by Jiri).  All the units advance except the Long Fangs who rained havoc on the tightly packed guardsmen waiting to move into their firing positions. St Jude went down to one too many bolter hits but managed to save the lascannon teams from the main platoon squad. The smaller guard force facing the Thunder Wolves also took a pounding,  St Jude took one many bolter rounds to get back up right away. The Sisterhood redressed their lines. Despite the pounding, the sisterhood struck back, one wolf pack was targeted and reduced to a single model who fled back to his lines.

Guard open fire

The Wolves continued their advance. Bolters and missiles reduced the large platoon to a hand full of men who stayed in the fight. The Thunder Wolves got in a charge on Guard platoon and wiped it out. St Jude rose from the ground and on queue the Dominions and Sisters arrived to engage the Thunder Wolves. One squad of Dominions took a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong table edge and pushed towards the Wolves objective.  Between the Sister and the surviving guardsmen’s the Thunder wolves were cut down. The lord fled from the scene.  St Jude tried to cut him down but he rallied and killed her.

Charge of the Wolves

The Lord then charged the Company command squad with the rest of the Wolves close in behind. The command squad was destroyed and the newly arrived sisters took some hits, with an immolator being destroyed. 

Wolf lord takes the hill

 St Jude did not get back up. A sneaky hunter killer missile took out a lone Grey Hunter who was guarding the Wolves objective. The three remaining Wolves suquads started to break up. One went to ground in the Sister deployment zone. Another fell back to claim the Wolves objective, the last tried to assault the last main Guard platoon. Snap fire landed eleven hits, which in turn dropped six marines including the Rune Priest much to the relief of the Guard and shock of the Wolves.  

Gaurd keep fire on the advancing Wolves

With the Rune Priest gone the Pysker squad started to come into play. The Sisters had a firm control on their objective and started to push on to the wolves objective. Between the Pyskers and the last few guards the Wolf squad which had fallen back to protect their objective took heavy casualties. Eight of the eleven marines fell including the Terminator Wolf Guard. Unfortunately the Pyskers had to use the blast attack to force the morale check rather than weaken resolve after 25% casualties. The squad survived to claim the objective.

Grey Hunters fall back to their objective

On that the game ended

Most are cut down but enough survived to claim the objective

The result: Draw 5-5

Power sword Vs terminator armour no longer cuts it in 6th ed


Frank O'Donnell said...

What the hell did you snap shot the wolf's with that dropped six of them.

Dakeryus said...

That will teach him to roll a six to seize the initative. Damn, I wish I tought of that line during the game, maybe I should text it to him now ;)

I hit them with two lascannons (both hit),fourteen rapid fire lasguns (a bunch of hits), pair of laspistols and the kitchen sink. I still smile I remember the expression of Jiri's face when we rolled it out. Offered to use the same dice to roll for saves but they crapped out :)

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