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Thursday, October 11, 2012

PiP (FOW): task force Butler reinforcements

Task Force Bulter gets some reinforcements from the painting table with jeeps and a troop of M8 scotts ready to roll.  
M8's on the Prowl

Not much new in the way of painting methods. The vehicles are mostly from Forged in Battle. The armoured jeeps are from battlefront with some forged in battle crew.  Some Sky Trex jeep crew will be added later to spice up the jeeps

M8 Scott with gunner from the jeeps set

Battlefront armored jeeps

The mortar jeeps were made using the normal jeeps a small hole was drilled and a length of plastic rod was added for the mortar.

The M20/M8 armoured cars are still waiting for some decals from mustang gaming systems (MSG)

Between watching the Model Dads blog on using MSG decals and reading "if you survive" (the exploits of an officer in the 4th infantry division) the all vehicle task force might be getting some infantry soon.

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