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Monday, October 8, 2012

sitrep (40K); 5th Saxony Ball part 3

Round 3 Vs Tau led by Arnie

Tau deployed

The enemy:
3 Crisis teams
1 Sniper drone squad
2 Broadside teams
2 Fire warriors teams
1 Kroot pack

Eldar Allies
1 Farseer
2 Jet bike squads

The mission: Purge the Alien
The Deployment: Vanguard

Sisterhood deployed

The Battle:
Facing Tau with diagonal table deployment in a kill points mission is not something to look forward to. To make it worse Arnie pick night fighting trait for his boss and equipped his army with black sun filters meaning for turn one the Sisters would be shooting under night fight condition while the Tau would not. The Sisters won the roll off and opted to go first to deny some terrain to the Tau. Two Sisters squads deployed close to the Tau table edge to force the Tau into a corner. The Guard deployed near the centre. Celestine deployed to support her sisters while the imperial company command team deployed close to both guard blobs. The Dominions opted to out flank. A squad of sisters and a Pysker battle squad went in to reserve. In response the Tau deployed the Farseer with the sniper drones. One crisis team deployed near the sister Rhino, the other two deployed in the centre. Broadsides took the high ground. Kroot deployed to screen the table edge. Finally a unit of fire warriors deployed as a skirmish screen for the Crisis teams.

Tau seize the initiative and push forward (about 2", which is massive advance for Tau normally)

The Tau stole the initiative. Rail guns rained down on the Sisters transports destroying one, immobilizing another and glancing the Imperial Guard chimera. Guided Fire Warriors and sniper team decimated the smaller guard blob. Two transports down was not a good start. The damaged guard squad fell back from the warriors. Celestine and the Sisters quick timed it through the woods to go after a Crisis team. The rest of the army addressed its lines.

Lascannons sight a Broadside team

Tau reinforcement failed to arrive. But weapons fire continued to decimate the damaged guard squad. Reducing it to just three men. Sisters reinforcement arrived, the Dominion squad arrived on the wrong flank for the third game in a row and missed with a multi melta shot. Celestine broke cover and assaulted crisis team only to be killed by defensive fire from the Crisis suits. The Guard lascannon teams sighted a broad side and destroyed him.

Crisis team moves passed destroyed Sisterhood rhino

Tau started to pull back raking the sisterhood with fire. The chimera was destroyed but did not explode. The nearest Sister squad took hits but had few casualties. Another wave of Sisterhood reinforcements arrived. This time a Dominion squad arrived on the correct flank and tank shocked several Tau units without any effect. The Dominions dismounted and killed a Crisis suit HQ and one of his retinue. The newly arrived pysker weakened their resolved and forced the unit to flee of the table. The Immolator destroyed a broadside unit, The newly arrived sisters squad took down several fire warrior but the unit stayed around. Celestine rose from the ground and started to chase after a Crisis team.

Eldar Jetbikes try to break through the lines

The Tau concentrated fire on the newly arrived threat. The Immolator was destroyed and the Dominions were forced to flee. The newly arrived pyskers took heavy causalities from the fire warriors but stayed in play. The guard platoon moved to support the pyskers open fire on the Fire Warriors and forcing them to go to ground. Celestine got in an assault on a Crisis team and pinned them in combat when.

The tau finished off the Pysker and the dominions and went to ground behind a large hill, while the Crisis team kept Celestine in combat. Out of targets the Sister pushed forward looking for kill points.

The game timed out as the sister got in range of the Tau but could not inflict an extra casualties

The Result:loss 15 -5

The event ended with the Sisters coming 5th. Arnie came second, missing first by one victory point.

more photos can be found here

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