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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sitrep (40k): back to the Ogre's lair part 2

Round 2: The Scouring with Vanguard strike deployment
The enemy: Zamil playing Dark Eldar

Dark Eldar sighted

Lady Malice
1 Inncubi pack in a raider
1 Wytch pack in a raider
4 Dark eldar squads in Venoms
3 Ravagers
1 huge Beast pack
1 Void Bomber

Beasts on the prowl

The battle:
Zamil's Dark elder were based of the Wrath from Star Gate Atlantis, all of the models were converted and abut half were painted. As a theme it was pretty impressive, maybe the best this year todate (including the ETC). The Dark Eldar to to go first and deploy deep in their deployment zone. In response A squad of Sister back-up up by St Jude deployed behind a hill. While two guard platoon deploy near the company commander ion cover. The Dominions went to out flank. A Large guard squad went in reserve with more Sisters. All of the objectives in or near the Sisters deployment turned out to be dudes with the Dark Eldar finding all the high objective near to their control.

Dominons down a Venom

The opening moves took place at night which had no effect on the Dark Eldar but limited the Sisters response. The Venoms fire ravaged the Guard but not one unit was destroyed or fled. The Sister struck back with a Sister squads breaking cover and hitting a Venom causing glancing damage.

Lascannons try to track the Dark Eldar in the Darkness

The Archon, Lady Malice and the Incubi moved forward after the Sisters squad while the large beast pack moved after the Guard. In the open the Sisters were cut down by Dark Lances and Venom cannons, with St Jude being one of the first to fall. However, the Dark Eldar hard committed their main forces. All of the Sisters reserves arrived. The Guard platoon fired on the Incubi reducing to just four model including the two HQs. Two out flanking Immolators destroy a venom a piece with dominions gunning down the survivors. The Guard platoons blasted the Beast pack with the Pyskers then weakening their resolve. However, the beasts were able to deny the witch. Newly arrived sisters fired on the Beasts while the transports destroyed a ravage with a hunter killer missile.

Guard try to repel the beasts

The Beasts got to charge a guard platoon and wiped it out. Venoms reduced another to just two men. The Archon and friends cut down the pyskers. St Jude got up, flamed then assault the Archaon retinue. Both her and the Archaon were cut down. The Immolators continued to destroy Ravagers. A Sister squad fired on the beasts pack forcing it to flee,

But are over run

Lady Malice and her retinue cut down a scoring guard platoon commander. The Wyches debussed , assaulted and destroyed Sisters squad taking heavy losses on the way. The large guard platoon gunned down Malice and her friends. St Jude got back up looking for targets. A Sisters squad stormed the only objective in the Dark Eldar hands torching the defenders with flamers. The company command sqaud assaulted the wytches but neither side could finish of the other.

Sisters see on the Beasts

The game ended with the Sister control or contesting all of the objectives and the Dark elder reduced to a couple vehicles and a hand full of warriors

The result: Win 13-0 victory points

Incubi Vs Gaurd

Dark Eldar survivor flees for safety

Sisters clear an objective

Commany commande assualts the wytches, PFC Jenkins get a hit on the way in

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