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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sitrep (40k): back to the Ogre's lair part 3

Round 3: Purge the Alien with Hammer and Anvil deployment
The enemy: Daemon played by Alexander

Enemy sighted

Fate Weaver
Lord of change
3 Daemon Princes
3 Flamer packs
2 Horror Packs

The battle:
Daemons, I hate daemons. Playing the Flying Circus in a kill points mission is high on the list of things not to do. Still the battle was for table one and it is better to play good opponents then get a good placing. The Sisters won the roll off and forced the Daemons to go first. The Sisters deployed the guard platoons up front with Sisters at the back denying potential drop zone. Most of the soft kills went into reserve. St Jude deployed in the centre.

Guard Vs flamers

The battle started well. The wrong wave of Daemons arrived. Two units of flamers suffered a mishap but were just delayed. The Sisters replied with vengeance. The Flamer squad was wiped out, to give the Sister and unexpected first blood. 1 Horror pack suffered the attention of S Jude who flamed then assault them to reducing them to a handful of models. The second Horrors pack was hit with lasguns and took heavy loss.
A Lord of Change, a Daemon Prince emerged from the Warp. The two missing packs flamers also returned. The Lord of Change mutated St Jude into spawn. The flamers blasted a guard platoon forcing it to flee. St Jude re-appeared and again attacked the Horrors wiping out the unit. Two Dominion squads arrived and gunned down the last Horror pack. One pack of flamers was wiped and the other was reduced to a single model.

Dominons purge the Horrors

Fate Weave and another Prince emerged from the warp. St jude got spawned again. The lord of Change went after the Dominions wiping out a squad. The Daemon prince went after the guard but had little effect. St Jude got to again and cut down a Spawn. The rest of the army opened fire on a single Daemon prince who brushed off most of the fire and was reduced to a single wound.

St Jude Vs Chaos spawn

The last Prince arrived. The Greater Daemons started to target the guard aggressively with boon of mutation spawning more Chaos Spawn. .The Sisters shot down the Lord of Change and a Guard platoon finished him off with a bayonet charge.

Able-2 waits for targets to arrive

The Remaining Daemons continued to decimate the Sisters with warp breath, boon of mutation and gaze of chaos accounting for all the transports. In addition, the Daemons and the new spawn units began to assault the weaker guard units looking for more kill points. The pyskers weaken resolve of Fate Weaver and the Sister shot him and he was banished (his leadership was reduced th five but he rolled an eleven for his bugger off test, anyway). St Jude cut down another spawn. In combat the Greater daemons finished off a guard platoon and command squad

The game ended with St Jude locked in combat with several Spawn and the guard grudgingly falling back in the face of heavy pressure from the surviving three Daemon Princes.

St Jude Vs the daemons

The result: draw, 10-12 in victory points (forgot Spawn give up kill points which would have increased the sisters score a little).

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