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Thursday, October 25, 2012

WIP (FOW): off with his head

Ze germans are coming

For some reason I have got it in to my head it is time to do some conversions for FOW infantry. Partly because I picked up a box of Fallschirmjager as part of a deal in Gamers World in Dublin about the same time I saw sixtwentyeight's Forged in Battle Fallschirmjaeger conversions for his Ardennes

Quality is not one of Battlefronts strong points there was a lot of flash and some miscasts in the boxset.  That say concept of the sculpts and the detail when it was there was impressive. I get the impression the FOW scupltor (Evan?) was reading the Lions of Carentan when he did the work.  The Fallschirmjager neck scarf is there along with their signature FG42 firearm.
I tried two main types of conversion
(1) The Swap:
-Heads: cut the heads of models A and B and switch them. Or cut the head of model A and reposition it

The head swap

-The Arm/weapon swap: Cut the Arms of model A and B and switch.

The arm swap

(2) The Green stuff greatcoats:
-Make thin roll of mix green stuff wrap it round the lower portion of the model and use sculpting tools to force it in shape.

Great coats

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