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Thursday, September 27, 2012

PiP (FOW) 6 -pounders, Luftwaffe Pioneers and Woods.

A couple of more units roll off the paint bench this week.

Battlefront Officer with Peter Pig radio operator

First is a British Anti Tank platoon from Forged in Battle for Taskforce Archer. Unusually for Forged in Battle models I am not keen on this model. There is nothing wrong with the model itself I just do not like the look of the 6 pounder for some reason. The painting wise the only new thing attempted was chipping affect after seeing the heresybrush video on painting 6 pounders.

The chipping was done using a blister's foam packaging and stippling Vallejo Gun Metal then once dried stipling Cavalry.

Next is a platoon of Luftwaffe pioneers using Skytrex's german riflemen blisters. It would be nice is Skytrex hopped on the Kickstart wagon and got funding forsome 15mm plastic infantry. Considering their age I think the models hold up well against some of the more modern manufacturers . Painting wise two new things were tried first the Luft waffe uniforms were painted a mix of Vallejo off white and Vallejo german wwII luftwaffe Blue. this made them very bright blue. When the wash was applied the uniforms darken leaving the model with luftwaffe blue uniforms. Previously I had just used V Vallejo german wwII luftwaffe Blue and then with the results the models were darker than they needed to be. The second new thing was painting wood Using ome methods from the Heresy Blog again. There is probable something ironic about going into the forest looking for interesting bits of woods only to come home spray the bits of wood grey then spend the rest of the day trying to make them look like wood again.

Painting woods method:
Go to forest and find interesting tree roots
Clean and prune the roots to fit a FOW base..
Stick the root to the Base with woof filler ( In hindsight it might be best to drill the base of the tree and pin it as well)
Prime plastcote grey
Base coat with V Chocolate Brown or V German camo medium brown
Dry brush with V German wwIIBeige camo

I am styill un decided about driling the tops of the trees and adding branches with foligae it would definitly add to visual impact of the model.

Third units finished is some 250/1 halftracks for an SS recon platoon for the Ardenne offensive.

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