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Monday, September 24, 2012

40K : Kick Starting 6th

My first 6th edition game saw Sisters of Battle facing Sisters of Battle in a battle for a Relic. After a bloody battle it was clear the Sisters had won.

One of the Sisters favorite targets → Cultists

With my frist 6th tournament on the horizon, I thought it might be worth while actually playing a game of 6th. Since the game is begin reset I opted to run with the Sisters for a change of pace. The army is shown below.

Sisterhood of Steel
Main Force
1 Saint Celestine
1 Priest
3 squads of Sisters in rhinos
2 Squads of Dominion in immolators

Full strength infantry platoon with,
-1 HQ squad in chimera
-5 infantry squads
1 Pysker battle squad

I am not fond of armies that have compulsory special characters and Celestine is cheap enough to fall into that category but the times are a changing. Long term I think the Sister might migrate to an all foot army just to see how many sisters can fit into a 1750 points list.

6th Chaos with 5% more spikes

One of the cooler aspect of 6th in the inclusion of Allies (I am praying for the genestealer cult infection to break out in 6th). The sisterhood opted to bring a big block of guard to christen my Dookian Fen Guard and penal qarrior (moonlighitng as Pyskers) in action. The game went well with everything doing what it was suppose and one squad managing to sneak away with the objective surround screening rhinos.

Dark Eldar are back on the painting block for 6th

The Lows
-for my first every game of 6th edition the enemy stole the initiative.
-50+ strong platoon of Guard still could not survive the game
St Celestine rolling too many ones to assault Uraih Jacobus after finishing of the false Celestine and her sperahim guard in hand to hand combat
releasing how many flamers snap the seraphim could take in defensive fire
The highs 
Using St Celestine as a forlorn hope.
Being able to move and still shoot with lasguns.
Overall fun of the game (this is still a bit of a honeymoon period for the game where folks experiment with new units and retry older ones to see how they fit in the new game)

Got to love Jes goodwin sculpts

The Kick Start in the title refers to me finally putting my money where my mouth is. I have pledge some funds to support Dream Forge's expansion. Hopefully next year will see an Eisenkern stromtrooper platoon assembling for the guard brigade.

Taking the jump into the world of Dreamforge

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Frank O'Donnell said...

Just remember picking & playing with different units is just a state of mind.
I hope the dream come true & doesn't turn into a nightmare lol

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