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Monday, June 6, 2016

Sitrep (Saga): Harry and Burn

A Welsh homestead

Recently Sascha came calling for a game. We opted to try out a scenario from the Saga campaign book. I setup for the first mission which is harry and burn.  The game would see my Welsh defending their homestead against Vikings raiders (played by my Norse Gaels who are the sons of vikings).  The setting seemed in keeping with the period.
The Vikings (sons) are coming
But so are the Welsh
The initial setup sees a small unit of Welsh in the settlement with the vikings lined up for a general advance while the Welsh have opted for a refused flank.
The set-up

The Main Welsh force races to the resuce

While the Viking move forward to start harrying and burning
The initial moves see the Vikings fire some fields and slaughter the settlement defenders
Sascha being a bad house guest and setting fire to things
The Welsh strike back eliminating the Vikings hearthguard.  In the centre the Viking Berserkers hit the main welsh unit. The Berserkers are destroyed but the Welsh are greatly reduced
The Viking Hearthguard slay the defenders but in turn fall to the relief force

Viking berserk hit the main Welsh unit

Both sides taking heavy loss, the Berserkers are destroyed but the main Welsh unit  is badly reduced

The remaining Welsh units start to turn the flank of the Vikings line. In response the the Viking warlord leads his nearby units into the fray resulting in a bloody battle in the centre.

Welsh start to turn the Viking flank

Viking Warlord and friends hammer the Welsh centre but in the end he does not have enough warriors left and the Welsh surround him and cut him down
The game was over relativity quick so Sascha offered ab intro to Guildhall (soccer version of blood-bowl). I am not a massive fan of fantasy sports game I tried blood bowl it was okay but did not rock my boat. Guild-ball is a recent successor game. Using  football instead of american football and replacing racers (orc, humans, etc( with guilds (fisherman, butchers etc)  Below are some of the pics of the game fisherman Vs smiths (I think) we got through about half a game before calling it a draw.  Overall I think the game is so so. The game plays a bit like X-wings in that the scenario is typically repetitive ie its a football game but the units and their synergies vary. Personally I prefer repetitive units and synergies in favor of varying scenarios

The Pitch with the two Saga warlords moonlighting as goalposts

I am playing the Smiths guild with their monkey mascot on the right

Sascha opted for the Fisherma guild

Add caption

Smiths kick to the Fishmen

The Fishmen are damn slipper and slip through the Smith lines towards the goal. But the Smiths have a lot of synergies and block the shot  
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