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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mission critical (M&T): The Setauket supply dump

The hamlet of Setauket 
In 1776 the colonies are in rebellion. In the village of Setauket New York, rebel sympathizers have been secretly gathering supplies of muskets, shot and powder for Washington's army.  The supplies were supposed to be collected today for delivery today but the local Hessian garrison has received a tip off and a force has been dispatched to search the village. Can the escort collect the supplies and escape before the Garrison finds them?

The main feature of the battlefield is the six buildings that make up the village of Setauket. The surrounding area consists of woods and farmland
The American Militia convoy arrives to collect its supplies
The Hessian garrison consist of three officers (one mounted) and five units of twelve musketeers
The Rebels escort consist of three officers (one mounted) and six units of twelve militia.
But the Hessian garrison has other ideas

Neither side start the game on table.
The Hessians pick which side they arrive from. The Rebels arrive from the opposite table edge

Hessian search the first house but it iempty
Special rules:
There is only one event card in the deck for the game
Supply location:
Before the Hessians choose to deploy the Rebels must secretly determine where three supplies are hidden. Roll a D6 for each of the supplies, each number rolled corresponds to the Building number where the supplies are hidden. Each house can only hid a maximum of one type of supply and excess goes into another randomly determined building.  Place a marker under the building identifying what type of supplies it is hiding if any.
Search and secure
Any non cavalry unit in base contact to a building can search it by spending one of its activation. If the building is hiding supplies place a supply marker beside the unit that found them.
Moving the supplies
Once found the supplies are represented by a marker. The maker is attached to the unit that found the supplies. It moves with the unit. It may not be shot or attacked. If the unit carrying the marker recoils roll a D6 on a 4+ it abandons the marker. If the unit carrying the marker flees it automatically abandons the marker
While the Militia collect the wagon containing the muskets

Victory conditions:
Rebels escape with one marker the game is a draw.
Rebels escape with two or more markers the game is a rebel win.

Any other results is a garrison win.

More militia arrive
The Garrison commander leads a company on the the Hessian left flank
While other militia fire on the advancing Hessians
Despite the presence of the Garrison commander the flank company is repelled
While other millita companies prepare to greet the arriving hessian s
The Militia form firing line
But the better trained Hessian get in the first volleys

Forcing the militia to recoil

The hessian search another building and find the ammunition wagon while another company provides firing cover
The Hessian try to escape with the ammunition wagons
But the Militia give chase force them to flee abandoning the wagon
The Hessians search another building but iti empty
The Hessian advance down he centre
Pushing back the weak militia centre
The Hessian search and find the third wagon
A militia company exits the battlefield with the musket wagon
The Hessians begin to fall back with the third wagon
On the other flank both sides race for the abandoned wagon
Both sides exchange fire trying to control the flank
The abandoned wagon is so close
Disaster, as one of the miliita companies breaks and flees from Hessian fire
Hessian covering the retreat of their wagon take fire from vengeful militia

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