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Thursday, June 16, 2016

WiP (M&T): Sedition

There is murmurs of sedition in my FIW collection. Some of the militia units are starting to sport banners which quite frankly revolting.

Militia firing on advancing Hessian (the Hessians are another post)
As an aside I think it was bound to happen at some point.  Not only does Musket and Tomahawks give you a cracking FIW game but it also opens the door to some low level American war of independance (AIW) action.
More militia moving forward
So far I have managed to paint up four units of rebel militia. The models are from old Glory 15s. They are currently my third choice supplier figures. They are okay quality at a reasonable price I just prefer some of the other manufacturers.

While their French allies move around the flank
Also recently completed was a French allied unit based of XXX. The regiment was present for the French indian wars but not present for the american rebellion.  The figures come from eureka miniatures. They are my second supplier of choice for figures.  They are more expensive than Old Glory but I like them.

Ready to face what is coming around the corner
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