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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sitrep (M&T): Day 15 to 18 for the Moonwalkers on the trail to the Stoney river

The alarm is sounded after the warbands last battle
The first defeat at the hands of the militia had left the moonwalkers in bad way not only had they been forced to abandon the villagers to their fate but Ohitkah, Redshirt and five warriors were injured in the battle. But the warband had retreated in the right direction and now was within a few days march of the river with plenty of supplies. They just had to avoid contact to make it to safety.

There is a lot of veteran militia looking for the warband
Unfortunately they made contact with a veteran militia troop out looking for them only a day's march from the river.  The Veteran militia were not as numerous as the militia band but they were better motivated and more skilled in indian fighting. Grumbling about the fates the warband prepared to engage the militia blocking their path. Although wounded Ohitkah and Redshirt joined the warriors in battle with the rest of the injured too wounded to fight.

The militia close in on the warband

Outnumbered the warband tried to turn both flanks of the militia. But there was too many militia and they gave as good as they got. In the end the warband broke contact and fled rather than be pushed back and face increasing loose from an engagement they were not likely to win.

Outnumbered the warband tried to sneak around the flanks

The militia start to close in on the Indians
The battle left several dead and wounded but Ohitkah, Redshirt  recovered from their wounds. With the alarm bells ringing in the neighbour territories  the warband had just enough supplied to make one more try. There would not be enough time to fall back for a resupply for another attempt. Sliding around the area where they last encountered the militia the warband was just made it to the river with no food left and only three days remaining from their time limit.
Indians and milita trade fire at long range

Campaign wise the Indians get the win with the Moonwalkers finding the trail to the Stoney river. They can now send word to the rest of the tribe and the women and children can follow. Ohitkah can rest contently in the knowledge he has saved his tribe.
Muskets against Bows
The militia lose six men before the Indians break contact and withdraw

Gamewise the campaign seem to go well. Eighteen game turns translated into five gaming session with a bit of narrative and context. I would run it again but I would adjust a few things like...

…the militia creation.
In the campaign with moonwalkers the militia spawned in rotation poor militia then average militia then veteran militia then repeat. In future itmight make sense to have the poor militia weighted towards the start of the campaign and have the veterans appearing towards the end of the campaign.
...The campaign finale
Could be tweaked somehow. When outnumbered facing the veteran militia campaign survival mood took over and the warband opted for a tactical retreat at the first available opportunity I think in future I would prefer a big showdown with the warband either succeeding or going down in a blaze of gun fire

That is almost all for now. Just one closing thought.

It took Ohitkah eighteens days to find the trail to the Stoney river can you do better?  


Frank O'Donnell said...

Now that I know the way to the river I reckon I could lol I know what you mean about the grand slam finish as a campaign ending in a bit of a none event is not really the way you would want it, but having said that i did enjoy following it.

Dakeryus said...

It happens, In a campaign folks get attached to their units so when things start to get a bit dicey it is tempting to cut your loses a run.

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