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Monday, June 13, 2016

Sitrep (Saga): A walking in the Hazel Wands

The  warbands look on as their champions face off
I am slowly working my way through the scenarios from the age of the wolf saga campaign supplement. This round I got to play My Norse Gaels against David’s Irish in the Hazel Wands scenario.  
The Norse Gael hearthguard beheads the Irish champion and returns to the ranks
The background being the two warbands have decide to settle their difference in battle but before the main event two champions step out to duel with the winner giving a bonus to his side for the upcoming battle. This is a nice twist for both fractions. For the Irish they have access mini-warlord champions which are better than regular champions while the Norse Gaels tactics are biased towards challenges. The net effect is a buffed up champion vs a champion who like to fight challenges.
Norse Gaels smash the Irish flank at the cost of a hearthguard unit
The Norse Gael warband consisted of two units of twelve warriors one with great axes the other with javelins. Support by two units of Hearthguard in the same configuration. Lead by a warlord with a great axe.  The Irish consisted of a warlord leading two Champions, with one unit of six javelin armed hearthguard, one unit of sixteen (16!) javelin armed warriors one unit of almost obligatory eight warhounds.

For the challenge the the Norse Gaels sent forward a hearthguard wielding a great axe while the Irish responded with a champion.   The two champions eyed each other in anticipation.  The great axe spoke and the Irish champion lost her head before the hearthguard calmly rejoined his unit leaving both sides a bit stunned the duel ended so quickly.

On the other flank the Irish warhounds wrap around the centre
The Norse Gael recovered first and pushed hard  into the Irish Flank aiming to eliminate the hearthguard and remaining champion before the Irish warriors could intervent.   It was a good plan it just did not work.  The Gaels opened with a flurry of javelins to soften up the Irish Hearthguard. Then the great axe wielding went in for the finish. Unfortunately, the Irish Hearthguard did not follow the script and brushed back the Gaels warriors.  The upset left the Irish flank intact and the Gaels centre exposed.  
In the centre the Warlords and their main units clash
The Irish warlord lead his warriors into the centre and together with hearthguard destroyed the Gaels javelin armed hearthguard.  Better late than never the Gaels Warlord stepped up and finally eliminated the Irish hearthguard to clear the flank.
The Gaels gain the initial success
But Warhounds force them back
Damn dogs
The centre of the battlefield turned into an attrition match with the gales committing their remaining warriors and Hearthguard trying to dislodge the Irish warlord and his warriors.  In the end the great axes decided the issues. The Gaels hearthguard made short work of the Irish war-hounds while the Irish warriors were worn down by their Gael counterparts.
Reinforced with Dane axe weilding hearthguard the Gaels hit the centre agina
In the end the Gaels warlord hacked a path to the tired Irish warlord and laid him low with a great axe.  The remaining Irish fell with their warlord.
War-hounds Vs Dane axe does work out for the hounds.  The Irish are down to a warokrd and few friends before the Gaels warlord cuts down his counter part
Overall a cracking game. The Hazel Wands scenario coupled with two fractions which both have buffs in challenges made for a fun game. The Norse Gaels did what they do best which is hitting with big axes .  While the Irish struggled to make the most of their abilities.  The big group of warriors is scary but a little unwieldy while the debut of champions show a lot of potential.

That is all for now. Thanks for stopping by.

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