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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Mission Critical (M&T): Alle le Bateux

View of the trapper camp from the South with the river to the North

A French trapping party has over stayed its welcome in Indian territory. Out of nowhere bands of braves break cover to try to scalp the trappers. With little choice the trappers must flee their camp and get to the river and their boat to escape with their scalps intact.  
Design note: the scenario is Based of the opening skirmish in the Revenant movie. For me the scene nicely captures chaos and confusion of an indian raid.
The trappers form up and the scouts report Indians are n the war path

The main features of the battle is the trapper camp at one end of the table and the river and safety at the other end. The distance between the camp and the river should be eight to ten movement steps. In between in a mix of scattered forests.
Indians are spotted coming form the South

French Trappers

Captaine Henri
Chief Scout Munro
Indian scout Red Shirt
3 units of eight French militia

  • All units have the coeur bois trait.
  • Captaine Henri has the Tactician and Charismatic traits and counts as an officer.
  • Chief Scout Munro has the Hunter and Marksman traits and counts as an officer.
  • Indian scout Red shirt is a sachen and as the Warrior and Brave traits.
Indian Warband

X bands of 6 indian warriors each.

  • The number of indian bands is generated during the game.
  • All units are armed with bows and have the bloodthirsty trait.
Another band of Indians is spotted to the North blocking the trail to the river

The trappers begin the game in their camp with all models within 2” of one of their tents.  The Indians are deployed via the  “They are every where” special rules.

The trappers open fire to clear a path to the river
Special Rules:
“They are everywhere”
At the start of each turn three Indian bands appear.  Each time an event card is drawn an indian band appears.  There are three event cards in the deck
Randomly determine which Trapper unit spots the Indian band. Roll a scatter dice or use some other method to determine where the indians appear relative to the spotting unit.
Roll a D6 to determine how far away indians are when they are spotted. 1= 6”, 2-3=12”, 4-5=18”, 6=24”.  
Indians are then deployed at least as far as the dice roll results from the nearest trapper unit. Note, the nearest trapper unit may not necessarily be the unit that spots the indians.
Indian bands start to shadow the trappers as they try to escape

Victory conditions:
Each trapper that escapes is worth 1 point each named character is worth 2 points.
Models score points once the model touches the river at which point it is assumed they get in a canoe and make good their escape.
Indians move to head the trappers of at the pass

Trapper score
Major indian win
A few battered trappers emerge from the wild with tales of bloodthirsty savages or the party is never off again. Either way everybody agrees it is best not to revisit that territory  
Minor Indian win
A few battered trappers emerge from the wild with tales of bloodthirsty savages protecting a fortune animals pelts.  Most people do not think the risk is worth it  but a few hardy souls are willing to run the risk and trap in the territories
The party emerges from the wild battered but okay. Most people shrug their shoulders and consider indians part of the risk of the business.
Minor trapper win
The party emerges from the wild okay but missing is trappings. The survivors vow to return for revenge
Major trapper win.
The party emerges from the wild quickly resupply and head back out.  Rumours spread of easy pickings in the territory

Trappers try to shoot their way through the pass
While the Indians start to converge on them

The Indians hit the trappers as thy move forward

First rank of Les Blancs goes down under a hail of Tomahawks 
Trappers are forced of the trails by the Indians

More indains attacks

THe captain, Munro and Red shirt counter charge to help Les rouge see off an indian attack

But the Indians are closing in from all sides

Another wave Indians attack

The attack is beaten back but Redshirt and some of Les rouges are taken down

Les Bleus make it to the river and safety but time is running out for the rest of the force

The Captaine and Munro are again assaulted by Indians

But they manage to beat them back

Another indian wave hits and the captains and Munro are taken down. the remaining trappers flee to safety

View of the action from the Indian point view ( there seems to be an awful  lot of them coming out of the woods 
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