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Monday, June 27, 2016

Sitrep (Saga): Wrath of Leipzig

When Leipzig came calling
Recently the Tabletopsaxony guys got together to consider running another game at next year's Tactica. Rather than just talk about gaming we decided to make a day of it and have Saga day.  Since the guys from Leipzig were coming to Dresden we opted for an invasion themed day. Leipzig invading Dresden.  I was drafted as a defender running a six point Welsh warband allied with Scots and Anglo Danes. The invaders consisted of Frank, Jomvikings, Anglo-Saxons and Pagan Russ with one of the invaders having to sit out a round due to odd numbers.

The Welsh warband was lead by the dreaded Warlord named Bob. Since I was put on the spot for a dark age Welsh name and blanked. I think even if I remembered one, I would then have to spell it and probably have to default to Bob anyway.
Welsh prepare to repel the invaders

While the Franks come pouring out of heir ship
The warband consisted of two bands of four warriors, two bands of twelve warriors, reinforced two bands of four Hearthguard. Plan wise the small units of warriors were to act as skirmishers and harass the enemy.  The large warriors bands with act as line-breakers preferably one moves forward and showers a target with javelins and the seconds follows up to take out the unit.  The hearthguard act as a reserve.

First blood to the Welsh as a unit of Frankish hearthguard get a little to close to the enemy lines
The first battle was against Alabastero’s Franks, with the Welsh defending an inland village.  The Scots and Anglo-danes were defending the coastal towns.  The plan was for the Welsh to use their terrain based bonus in the woods to defeat the Franks. The Frankish warlord led two units of four mounted hearthguard and four units of eight warriors one of which carried crossbows.  Their Warlord was also mounted. This would be the first time the Welsh faced the Franks in battle.
Welsh move through the forest to engage the invaders
The initial moves saw the Welsh head for the woods hoping to reach the enemies boat and steal it. While the Franks moved around the flanks trying to get a path to the village.  The Welsh got the advantage in the initial engagement and soon depleted Frankish units were falling back.  Under pressure the Frankish warlord and his hearthguard switched flanks and tried to outflank the Welsh to hit their village. But it was not to be the Welsh hearthguard were committed and between them and the warriors the Frankish hearthguard and Warlord were slain. With Frankish warlord slain and most of his hearthguard gone, the remaining Frankish warriors faced more or less the intact Welsh warband. The game timed out before the Welsh could press their advantages and capture the raiders boats.  Elsewhere the Anglo-danes fought the Anglo-saxons to a draw with both warlords slain, while the Scots were crushed by the Jom vikings.

Joms vkings Hearthguard begin to storm the scottish settlement
The second battle saw the Welsh defending a church against the Jom vikings led by cpt.humbums (and a war council).  The Welsh were reinforced with a unit of four warriors to ensure the safety of the Church.  The Jomsvikings consisted of a warlord, with three units of warriors one of four warriors and two of ten warriors, and a single unit of twelve (12 !!!) hearthguard.  The Jomvikings plan seemed to be to just break the Welsh line with the massive unit of Hearthguard.  With the warriors there to cheer them on as they went in.
Jomsviking attack a Welsh chuuch
Warriors start to clash
More or less the entire Welsh warband targeted the Hearthguard. Under a hail of javelins and swords the unit was reduced to a single hearthguard who then withdrew.  The Jom Viking’s Warlord then led his warriors into the fray but they were also repelled. With heavy loses and near the end of the battle the Jom vikings war council kicked in with Alabastero, cpt.humbums and banockburn all trying to figure a way for the last few Jomsvikings to win the game. There was murmurs of treachery since banockburn was suppose to be leading the Anglo-danes in defence of the realm. But the situation looked good with Jomvikings outnumbered, cornered and soon to be put to spear.  But hubris is one of Bob’s vices after much deliberation, nashing of teeth and argument the war council figured out a path for the Jomvikings warlord to break into the church. The Welsh counter attack on the lone exhuasted warlord did not happen (I really need to start reading the victory conditions more but there is no Hubris in that)

Battle-lines are drawn
The last battle of the day was king of the hill with the Welsh, Scots and Anglo-danes facing the Franks, Jomvikings, Pagan Russ and the Anglo Saxons. With a twist that the hilltop was sacred ground and only the warlord with four escorts could enter it.   The Welsh deployed on one flank and the Anglo danes on the other and the Scots in the centre. The defenders were outnumbered and the Welsh were feeling vindictive against the anglo danes for their support to the Jomvikings. It did not look good for the defenders.

Advance of the Welsh..

The Welsh took the left Flank with the Anglo-danes on the right and the Scots in the centre (probable to avoid any friendly fire incidents between the Welsh and the Anglo-danes. The Joms vikings and some pagan Rus faced the Welsh with the Anglo Saxons and some Frank facings the Anglo danes withe remaining Pagan Rus and Franks facing the Scots.  The Welsh and Anglo danes were to push the flanks with the Scots holding the centre (if it was good enough for Hannibal at Cannae it was good enough for the defenders).

Welsh begin to push back the Joms-vikings and the Pagan Rus

The battle started well with both flanks making solid progress in pushing back the raiders. Disaster struck on the Right flank when the Anglo-danes warlord was cut down by his Frankish counter part. The Anglo Saxon warlord soon followed.  In the Centre the Welsh isolated the Pagan Rus warlord allowing the Scots to cut him down. Then a dark day for the Welsh was warlord Bob was cut down down by the Joms-viking's warlord and his accompanying hearthgaurd. Outnumbered two to one the last defending warlord was cut don by the raiders o leave them king of the hill.

Then Disaster as their warlord "Bob is isolated and cut down by the Joms-vikings"

Overall a great day out many die were rolled and a lot of happy memories were made..  below are some more photo of the event

Innocent sleepy Scottish village

Some raiders opted to move further inland

Scots and Anglo-danes prepare for the raiders 
The Welsh prepare to met them
Mean while the Joms Vikings raid a Scottish village
Anglo Saxons raid an Anglo-danes village
Welsh begin to push back the invaders
Battle lines start to clash
More Frankish Hearth guard move forward
Frankish Warlord and hearthguard try to flank the Welsh but it repelled
The Anglos start to clash
With the warlords in the midst of the battle
Joms vikings approach the Scottish settlement
But the defenders are ready
Joms vikings hearthguard lead the way
The Welsh finish of the Frankish Warlord
And begin to break through the Frankish lines 
Anglos clash while their Warlords look on
The warlords get sucked in to the combat
But there are a lot of defenders
The Joms vikings are very brave (or very cocky)
They most really fancy their battle board

While the other defenders and battling the other raiders
The Joms viking War council starts to convene to discuss their options [later joined by Bannockburn aka traitor :) ]
Looks good for the Welsh with the Joms Vikings pulling back badly beaten
Looks better for the Welsh with the Joms vikings Hearthguard down to one man and their warlord isolated and locked by the Welsh warlord
Looks bad for the Welsh was the Jomvikings warlord breaks pass the lines to desecrate the church
The final battle aka king of the hill
The welsh take the left flank [ any closer to their anglo danish allies probably would have lead to some friendly fire ;)]
and begin to clash
 That is all for now thanks for stopping by


Frank O'Donnell said...

I love the longboats, where are they from do you know ?

Dakeryus said...

I think they are Revel 1:50 kits. There was one in Marks models last time i checked ;). I am back in September if you would like a demo of saga it is a neat game

Frank O'Donnell said...

Thanks mate, I'd be glad to give you a game of Saga, but I did play it before with Greg.

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