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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sitrep (BA): Bolt Action reload

Game one escape and evade in the jungle
There seems to be a bit of a Bolt Action (BA) revival going on in the area. Somehow, without really planning to, I have managed to get in three games in. BA ain’t the best ww2 squad level rules around but they are great rules set for a fun and cinematic game which is far more important.

Japanese MMG tries to spot the concealed paratroopers
Game one saw a section of US paratroops trying to escape and evade from three half sections of Japanese infantry with limited support. The game was based on the wargames illustrated article in issue 338 with the paratroopers replacing the Chindits and the Japanese unchanged.  The units moved under hidden markers until spotted or engaged.  After some shenanigans involving “accidentally” revealing the wrong paratroop markers the paratroops were engaged as they tried to cross the first line of Japanese defenses.  The paratroopers had the first strike but there just was not enough of them.  The Japanese were able to pin them in place and call up reinforcements from the reserve to overrun them. The Americans withdrew after a half a dozen losses (more than half of the small force). Overall the game seemed a bit too tough for the paratroops, they did not have room to move and once located with as a bit to easy for the Japanese to overrun them.

Paratroops start to be revealed
Game two saw the Japanese ordered to attack a US para trooper short platoon with a lot of support, (MMG, mortar, FOO). Initially the Japanese made good progress down one flank but the US reinforcement began to arrive.  The newly arrived FOO attracted a lot of MMG fire but they could not silence him and in the end it was fatal for the Japanese with an airstrike hit the advancing force as it started to close on the Americans. A USAF strafing run destroyed a section and pinned the remaining attack force. Outnumbered and outgunned the Japanese broke off the attack.

Paras engage the defnders
Game three, aka the battle of Squire hill, again saw the Japanese on the offensive this time both forces were a buffed up to 750 points.  The Japanese consisted of three almost full strength squads (2 LMGs and one grenadier) backed up 1st Lieutenant, with a pair of mortars, a pair of snipers for FOO hunting) and a tank( for giggles). Facing them was a short US paratrooper platoon (two sections) backed up with a 2nd Lieutenant, a sniper, bazooka team, MMG, Mortar and medic. The Paras got a tip off about Japanese tanks so everybody bought antitank grenades.

The mission rolled was defend until relieved with the Paras defending a hill top building from the attacking Japanese.  This was a pretty strong mission for the Japanese since the mortars love static defenders and the snipers could go officer hunting from good positions.

Game 3 the battle for squire hill
The Americans deployed the FOO and a squad in the buildings. With the LT, medic and second squad in the first wave and the rest of the force following.  The Japanese deployed the LT and his infantry squads in the centre with snipers and mortars on each flank. The tank went into reserve. The first shot of the battle was crucial with a sniper spotting the FOO and putting him down.  Elsewhere the heavy mortars and knee mortars started to range in on the remaining defenders.

Paras defend the hill
The attackers gets the first activation
Under pressure the Para’s first wave arrived and rushed to reinforce the objective.  The other Japanese sniper spotted the US Lieutenant as he moved forward and another officer was taken out. The 2nd para squad tried to outflank the Japanese attack.  It managed to overrun one of the Japanese LMG squads then got to spend the rest of the game chasing after the Japanese tank trying to put an anti-tank grenade down the exhaust.  
The first shot drops the FOO
The Japanese mortars found their range and soon casualties and pin markers were piling up on the defenders.  The US sniper engaged the Japanese sniper in a duel. But the Japanese were better and the US sniper was taken out.  At the objective the remaining Japanese LMG squad launched a bayonet charge and cleared out the defenders.  With the objective gone the remaining paratroopers broke contact and withdrew from the battle.
The attackers close on the objective
Now I am tempted to add some more Japanese to the painting table I am afriad it might break under the weight :)

The attackers swarms the objective

It does not go all the attackers way as the paras get the troop on an attacking squad
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