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Monday, July 25, 2016

PiP(Zombicide): painting deadites

Zombicide time

A while ago a friend backed the Black plague zombicide kickstarter and kudos to cool mini and guillotine games the base set shipped early and arrived in time for some Christmas carnage. Unfortunately, we have not had many chances play the game with the real world interfering in valuable gaming time.  The box set has been gathering dust in my place for a couple of months.

Evil necromancer with main minion
Partly to get some experience of speed painting in volume partly to make up for the few( maybe many) times I had to cancel a planned game I opted to paint up the box set.

For the project I tried a couple of things, 3-4 models to a stick and using the airbrush to base coat in the primary color are not new but this time addition I used the army painter Zombicide paints and experiment with tones.

Normally, I think getting the matching paint range to product is a waste of effort/time. It is a useful for beginners or OCD types who try to create a perfect match to the product as displayed by the manufacturer but generally I suspect most gamers should already have some paints lying around and may not need the extras.I still think that having used the Zombicide paint set. I tried but found it a bit meh.  The paints did not give great coverage and required a couple of coats to hide brush marks which applying multiple coats is not something I want to do for speed painting models.

Tonal painting is art-sy. The Zombies are dead so the idea was to paint they in dull unsaturated repetitive colours ( greys,greens,browns) making for a monotonous color pallette in addition they got a black wash to dull them down a bit more. In contrast the heroes are still very much life and so get more vibrant colours. In addition the heroes each get a dominant color red, black green. Etc and they got a brown wash to make the colors pop.  The idea is to create a subtle contrast between the zombies and the characters.  In addition I made transparent bases for everybody to see more of the board.

I do not think the tonal attempt quite worked. I gave the runners more colour than planned, they got some “go faster” red/brown so I can spot them easier but it breaks up the monotous look I was going for with the zombies. In addition the characters were painted in Vallejo model colour This is great for historical figures but it's a bit dull for fantasy/scifi figures.
A zombie showing his new transparent base
Now I just need to get some more games in to justify all that painting

That is all for now thanks for stopping by


Frank O'Donnell said...

I like them & I think zombie's are a lot harder to paint then people imagine, as for the bases I don't know what your on about I couldn't see any lol

Dakeryus said...

After painting a lot of 6mm and 18mm figs the 28mm guys seem a bit daunting. The transparent bases for the win in broadgames for future me thinks.

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