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Monday, July 4, 2016

Dig in (M&T): Barn building

3d Barns you say
It seems to have been ages since I have done any terrain posts. I have made a fair bit of terrain but none of it has made it to the blog.  The fix this I have a short update on my work in progress barn for Muskets and Tomhawks.
methods wise there have been a couple of innovations

(1) fancy 3D drawing
Normal before starting a terrain project I do a couple of sketches on graph paper to try out variations on the theme checking dimensions against minis etc.  This time I have opted to use sketchup to do some 3D drafts of the terrain. Still checking the same things but starting to get some experience with 3D drawings in case I want to get a 3D printer somewhere down the line. Even if I do not get the printer it is still fun to play around with.

(2) Using forms
Building forms or skeletons to add structure and sometimes strength to terrain is something I normally do not bother with.  Typically the form is going to be covered over with the details so why bother with something you will not get to see in the end. But I think I need it for innovation three

(3) Using cladding
Cladding or skins is texture which goes on to the form typically it is a bit to filmsy to stand on its own so I need the form for strength. I have opted for thin (~2mm) sheets of polystene for the cladding. Before being glued in place the sheets were sanded with coarse sandpaper to give some texture and score with lines to give the impression of planking.

below are some of the photos of progress
Cardborad core
Cladding going on over the core
WIP shot
Paint in Progress
I also picked up some Bluemoon buildings to flesh out my North American terrain
 (and to give me some sense of scale for future buildings)

That is all for now thanks for stopping

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Nice little post mate & the barn looks great.

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