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Monday, July 11, 2016

WIP(M&T,AWI): Hustling up some Hessians

WiP Hessian Brigade

I seem to have developed a thing for Blue Moon manufacturing.  Playing around with Musket and Tomahawks(M&T) in 18mm means a little sacrifice of the character of the models, in that you cannoy get the same attention to detail on a figure as a 28mm. But the upside is it puts more focus on the bigger visuals in the game like terrain and buildings. The smaller scale also makes it easier for models to morph into something else since there is less details to catch the models out on this is bad for my wallet but great for my imagination.  
16th Dragoons
All of the above is my weak pretext for picking up a (too) big sum of Bluemoon figures way in excess of what is need for even the biggest Musket and Tomahawks game. The figures will hopefully end up doing double, possibly, triple duty in either French Indians wars (FIW) or in either the seven years war(SYW) or the American war of independence(AIW).

(kind of) Von Knyphausen regiment. ( I got a bit carried away with the yellow facing)
I suffered a bit of pre-project burn out when the figures arrived. A bulk purchase meant a big discount which in turn meant more figures, about 600+ of the blighters. To preserve my sanity the big project has been broken down into five smaller projects. Four of which are forces (Americans, British, French, Hessians) and the fifth being terrain and miscellaneous.

Erbprinz regiment
The first mini project to start up is the Hessians.  The Hessian force is loosely based of the Hessian force at the battle of Trenton. It consist of three units of regulars, one unit each of light infantry, artillery, cavalry. It is a manageable six units force with about 160 figures.

The current plan is to roll out 30-50 figures ready for action every couple weeks.  The units paint scheme will be very vaguely based on regiments present at Trenton.  To speed up the painting process I have adopted Warwick Kinrade’s mass model painting method (aka blu-tack them on a stick) and the airbrush is seeing a lot more duty applying base coats to figures.

The name escapes me
originally they were suppose to be cavalry but lack of horse meant they ended up fighting as infnatry

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Ray Rousell said...

Very nice! 600 of 'em must be enough be put anybody off paining them! Oh the pain!!!

Frank O'Donnell said...

Tbh mate if I got 600 model's to paint I think I'd be looking for a new hobby lol best of luck with them.

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