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Monday, July 18, 2016

Sitrep (M&T): Saving Pocahontas

Four search parties closing in on the village
When word of Pocahontas departure spread four search parties converged on the village of Sekucket intent on finding and returning the missing chieftain's daughter. From the South came the Hessians led by Hauptmann Kummerling.  Kummerlings force consisted of two lieutenants (Ratzeputz and Jägermeister ) leading four companies of infantry from the Von kryphusan regiment and two troops of Dragons for the 16th cavalry regiment. From the east came his allied Mohicans indians lead by Jim-Beam. Jim-Beam’s force consisted of two sub chiefs (Seagram   and Heaven Hill) leading nine bands of braves (three of which were blood thirsty savages)
French search party
Opposing this force coming from the North was Captaine Pastis of the La Reine regiment. His search party also consisted four companies of infantry from the La Riene regiment and two troops of Dragoons from the Lauzun Legion (lost in time since the regiment had not actually been formed yet). From the West came Pastis’s allied Iroquois indians, lead by Manatawny.  Manatawny’s force consisted of two sub chiefs (Catoctin and Fog's End) leading nind bands of braves (three of which were blood thirsty savages).
In the centre of all this was the village of Sekucket defended by four companies of trained miliita (mostly there just to give the umpire something to and roll some dice).
Militia stand ready to defend their village
Mohican search party on the move
In a five way battle the opening were generally timid. The Militia hunkered down on over watch waiting for the enemies to appear. Both the warbands opted to move through cover to close the distance to the village. Kummerling’s party hesitated (or more accurately people holding his activation cards opted not to play them early in the round).  But timidity, some would say caution, did not seem to be part of Pastis’s vocabulary.  The infantry advance drawing fire from the militia and taking casualties.  A troop of Dragoons broke cover and charged the militia before they could reloaded. The militia fought the cavalry to a standstill but the French were now knocking loud and clear on the village door.  Kummerling finally began a methodical advance (Ie players had ran out of cards and had to release his activation cards). Fusiliers advance and formed line while the cavalry moved to screen the advance.
Dragoons charge home
Patsis advanced and ordered the second troop of Dragoons to charge in support of their compatriots while the infantry began to fan around the side of the village and engage the Mohicans in a rather frustrating fire fight. Indians in woods fighting regulars in a fire line meant one side was hard to hit while the other side could just ignore hits, until the casualties count got to high.  The cavalry charge broke the militia who fled into the village center. But the cavalry was now isolated and suffered fire from the mohicans and the mililta and was soon wiped out. Pastis was forced to duck into cover behind a barn waiting for his infantry to catch up to him.  The Mohicans direct approach to the village was blocked by Patsis regulars. Any unit that got caught in the open soon disappeared under a volley from the French regulars. This forced the long circulate route which delay the Mohicans advance. Fire from the defending militia did not help much either.
French Dragoons force back the defenders
Then breach the village defenses
On the opposite side the Iroquois got into a firefight with the defending militia some warbands were forced to recoil but in the end the indians had the numbers and the militia were forced to flee. At one point nearly all the militia were fleeing but since they were surround it must meant they moved to cover the gaps made by another fleeing unit (still it looked funny)
Kummerling orders the 16th to advance on the village
The Iroquois were first to search a building with Catoctin kicking down a barn door only to find it empty. Another band moved up to search another house.  The French came of the worse of  their firefight with the mohicans sheltering in the woods with one company force to pull back to avoid being destroyed.  To break the deadlock a second company advance into short range to clear out the woods.  But bloodthirsty bands soon broke cover to engage the french in hand to hand.  The french fought better than expected with fourteen indians slain before the company was finally overrun taking the French search party to breaking point.
Dragoons fire force the defenders back
In the meantime the Hessian continued their advance. Two infantry companies began to engage the Iroqoius hampering their movement into the village. Two more infantry companies secured the Hessian left flank alongside their Mohicans allies. The Cavalry took centre and forced the miliita back with carbine fire.  Surround and outnumber the militia began to crumble with most units either fleeing or recoiling from one enemy into another.
Mohicans break cover to move on the village
Suddenly Hessian cavalry breached the village and Kummerling used the breach sneaked in to search and find Pocahontas. The Hessian units on his left swiftly wheel and fired into their supposed allies (no doubt trying to clear a path for their gallant captain to escape with the prize).  Kummerling moved to escape but a hail of musket fire from the pursuing Iroquois cut him down leaving the prize abandon in the battlefield.  The Iroquois “saved” the chieftain's daughter but before they could make good their escape Kummerling vengeful infantry shot them to pieces.
Iroquios advance on the village under fire from the Hessian. 
Mohicans fire on the French search party from the woods
The game timed out with Kummerling’s search party largely intact minus its commander closest to claiming Pocahontas. With battered but intact Mohican and Iroquois warbands near by hile Pastis and what was left of his command looked on from the opposite edge of the village.
Mohicans advance on the village
Iroquois breach the village defense

Overall it was a cracking game. With five players using five distinction fractions M&T was able to handle the game without any major breakdowns.  It was a nice canvas to let the players machinations paint the tale. At one point it was 50:50 which Indians the french were going to fire on following some “friendly” but unproductive advice from their Iroquois allies. Similarly overly friendly banter between the Iroqoius and Mohicans pushed the paranoid streak of the Hessians a little too far resulting in some friendly fire incidents. It all made for a fun game.
16th Dragoons breach the village defenses
Search the first building
Miliita fire on the Iroquios trying to stop them from searching the village
La Reine tries to clear the Mohicans from the woods
Kummerling finds Pocahontas in the second house to e searched 

Kummerling tries to make a break for it with Pocahontas

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